Perhaps you may find us. Perhaps you may join us. Perhaps you will be killed by us.

Although our world of peace may seem appealing, don't come looking for us. Our world where beauty is meaningless, it does have some flaws. But every world has flaws and ours it is condescendment and bullying. Condescendment is natural; and bullying is a result of condescendment. If you don't consent with our recommendations or you resist, the authorities will kill you. If you pose a threat to us, the authorities will kill you.

In this world, everyone has a gift. Only gifts that are non-violent are respected. Only the authorities are trained to fight and defend us. And if you have a violent gift, it is trained out of you and a non-violent one is trained into you. In the eighth grade, gifts develop, and you are sorted by your gift into a class. Everyone who's musically talented gets put into one class, and then when you graduate, you are put in a university with people with your gift. And then you'll get a career that will take advantage of your gift.