Best friends forever and ever

Chapter 1

Please write back sincerely,


I wrote as I finished my email to my friend Aly. Aly and I where best friends and had bean for a year before she moved. She had moved all the way from Los Angeles California to France. I remember the day she told me she was moving.


Hip hip hooray! Go birds of prey! We shouted. I was head Cherleader and on top of the pyramid. We had just won the last game of the season and every body was super excited about it. "Hey Tey I need to talk tell you something let's go to the bathroom." "Sure Aly what's up?" "Well you see my dad got a job ofer back home in Paris and we are moving there tomorrow.

The next day her parents invited me over and we finished packing her stuff.

When I got home that night I cryed my eyes out and diddent eat. I would see aly soon, I was sure or that.

Sorry that was so depressing but it was important for the story, this chapter was a true story I miss her so much. Anyways please Reveiw! (…) Vurtual cookie for you all!

A very hopeful MissPrettyLittleLiar.