Amy and Clint crawled through a tight chute up to a control panel where two seats awaited them. After strapping in they put on there head phones and mouth pieces.

"Mission Base this is Mayflower, come back." Amy said into her mouth piece as she flipped up a blinking lever.

They waited for a response as Clint flipped levers and adjusted the levels on the rocket thrusters, there next jump would be completely on their shoulders, and up to there control if they made it or floated lost in space until they died.

"Mission Base this is Mayflower, requesting affirmation, come back." Clint said into his own mouth piece.

Amy sighed beside him, "Bad time for a coffee break, aye Ice?"

He scowled over at her.

She arched her eye brow as she looked back at her panel and read outs.

Finally a crackling response came, "Mission Base here, go for Mayflower."

"This is pilot Alpha, requesting permission to engage the second sequence of the operation." Ice replied.

"Uh, yeah every thing looks down here, it should be smooth sailing." replied the voice from mission base.

"Permission affirmed." Ice said into his mouth piece, and then gave a nod to Amy.

"You just go easy on those thrusters Ice." Came a gentle warning from mission base.

"Acknowledged." Ice said coolly.

Amy pushed a small dial on her head phones, "Attention, attention, we will be engaging the thrusters now and operating on manual over drive, so please make sure you are properly restrained, and your suits are fully functioning. Count down from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1."

When she finished her count Clint reached up and pulled back the largest lever, the space shuttle glided forward, then halted, then he pulled again.

Amy's small fingers flew rapidly over the keys of a computer as she predicted there trajectory and the pull that the planets were having on them, keeping them aligned with the awaiting space craft that would take them the rest of the way to their destination.

That ship would be large enough to sustain them for the time allotted for the mission and had whatever they would need while they were there.

It had been under construction for years, this was more of a taxi to get there.

"Keep it steady." Amy said quietly.

Ice eased up on the thruster.

"Angle it 15 degrees west." She advised.

"We haven't drifted that far." He argued.

"Do I tell you when to accelerate?" she snapped, "You do your job, I'll do mine. Now it's 17.2." she said with her brow creased at the screen and her fingers flying madly.

Ice glowered at her, but made the adjustment, "You realize if were off even a hair, then there won't even be remains to scrape up of us?" he asked her darkly.

She rubbed her nose, "I'm glad you see the importance of listening to me."

He scoffed.

She began to mumble a song, "You're as cold as ice, and you're willing to sacrifice our lives, for your pride. Yeah I've seen it before…"

He cut her off with a glare.

"That why the call you Ice?"

He didn't answer he just turned back to his thruster.

"Were getting close to the Interceptor." She pointed out a few minutes later.

"I know." He replied.

She shifted in her seat, "You should decelerate."

"Thought you didn't tell me how to drive?"

"That was when I thought you knew how. You realize we don't have breaks, yes?"

He again, scowled at her and continued at his current pace.

She checked her screens again; they were fast approaching the other vessel.

"I'm not sure if this is some macho thing, but if it is, I'm thoroughly impressed, okay? I'm whatever you want me to be so you don't kill us."

"Please, I'm not trying to impress you." he said not slowing.

She squirmed a little more.

"Switch to front thrusters." He finally said.

She typed in the command in a hurried relief, and as he began to pump them there craft slowed.

"Ok, were close enough now to line up for our approach." Amy informed him.

This would be the trickiest part, the Interceptor had a wide mouth bay, but it was protected by a two pronged forked like structure that they had to maneuver around without damaging either space craft.

"Miss Miller," Amy said into her head piece, "Please drop the repulsive shields on the Interceptor, were about to make our approach."

"One second, let the codes clear." Jaden replied, and then a moment replied, "Cheers were all set."

"Easy now." Amy said as Clint began to angle them in, "Steady, steady." She said quietly.

"Stop that!" He barked.

"I'm your co-pilot! It's my job!"

"Do it somewhere else." He replied.

She crossed her arms with a huff, then quickly un-crossed them and retuned to her computer screen.

"You're too close on the starboard side, pull back." She told him.

He did.

They avoided scraping but just scarcely. Amy looked out the big view port window and seen the huge metallic body of the monstrous ship in front of them, it was literary like they were going into the belly of the beast. She was awe struck at its sheer magnitude. The enormity of it all, she seen tiny specks inside the windows scurrying around, the skeleton crew that kept it operational.

"Focus!" Ice barked.

She glanced down; "You're going to hit port side!" she rushed to say.

He jerked them over, then pulled back to correct, once they were strait again he scowled over at her.

"Yes I know, your scowling again." She said not looking at him, "watch where your going, stop running into things, it's a really big ship, not hard to see."

"Do you want to drive?" he snapped.

She chuckled.

"Look, the bay is just ahead." She said without her eyes leaving her screens. Then she glanced over at him, "Granted you can get us there without putting us in a wall."

His eye brows darted down like lighting bolts across his forehead, and she smiled and looked back to her computer, he really was not someone who ever took a joke she noted.

"Prepare the landing gear, deploy the extra…."

"I know, I know." She interrupted, "I was there that day in class too."

He grunted something then leveled the little shuttle out, "Prepare for landing." He told her.

She reached past her computer and adjusted some dials and levers.

Then as he set them down she reported the success to Mission Base.

As she pulled off her restraints she had one thought in her head, there was absolutely no going back now, the world could never be the same.