They were cuddling under the blankets. She told him how she always sleep half naked in her room because it was so cold, and She love the cold. He said he'd try and after he took off his pants he started complaining. So She took off hers and he wrapped his legs around hers. "OMG YOUR SO HOT!" She laughed. She missed the feeling of being in his arms. They feel asleep like this, around 5 times. Each time She shifted he would whisper and ask her, "Are you okay? Are you comfortable?" She'd always say yes. But this time they were wide awake, it was around 6pm.

He licked his perfectly shaped lips and looked at me smiling, a cute half smile. "I find you're fascinating."

"Lool so you think my life is interesting?"

"Noo, I mean. You keep me interested. That's why I always try and keep up with you."

"Ohh true. Well I feel awesome." She shift my weight on the bed and looked at him. He is so beautiful, Latino at the most. He keeps her interested too, but he'll never know this. Something about him keeps pulling her back to him. Every time she look at him, she suddenly feel self-conscious but when she talk to him, She's completely calm and relaxed. They're only friends but she remember every word he had ever said to her when they were dating. She still think he means them up to this day. She love talking to him, She love everything about him.

He leans close to her making her heart skip beats, "I'm booooooored lets do something!" She giggles and rolls away to the other side of her round bed. Grabbing her ipod to play a game. "Noooo, not the ipod." He grabs her throwing her back to the other side of the bed and hiding her ipod in the process. She climb on top of his figure and straddle him. "Give it backkk!"

"Nooo, I tell you I'm bored and you roll over to get you're ipod. Rude."

She start smiling at him and searching all over the bed for it. "What did you do with it?!"

"I don't have it." He looks up at her smiling. She lean over him checking the floor a few times, making sure her chest is directly in front of his face. "Seriously where did you put it!"

He laughs and smiles harder, such a sexy smile. "I don't have it."

She leave it for a while, still straddling on him. "Can you breathe okay?"

"Yess, your light weight. What do you weigh, like 90 pounds?"

"Haha, try 115."

"Really?!" He looks at her a little shocked. Then takes a sharp breath.

"Are you sure you can breathe?"

"Well, its not like I'm used to having a girl sit on me like this normally at home."

She laugh a little and space off thinking about the position she's in. Just when She was about to get up, she notices the ipod under her leg. To play it off, she sat back down on him acting as if she was shifting her weight. She reach or the ipod and he reaches too screaming. Instead she pulls out her phone and looked at it confused. "So that's where it was." She looked at him and he looked at me confused too. "Yeah…."

"But that wasn't what I was reaching for." She grabs the ipod, and quickly leans away and hides it under her bra.

"OMG, GIVE ME THE FUCKING IPOD!" He looks at her smiling. "Where did you put it?" He searches the bed. "I'm not telling," She start giggling. After a few minutes She sat there staring at him. After a while it sunk in that it was getting awkward for her to be still sitting on him, in a room full of silence.

She moved and sit beside him lean away and pull out the ipod. "OMG WHERE DID YOU HAVE IT."

Quickly, she tuck it away again, but not as slick as she did before. "Are you serious? That's where you had it? That's so cheap!" She laugh and fall back on the bed. He pulls her towards him, unclips her bra and hides the ipod. "Really?!" She shouts out as she tries to clip it back on. He grabs her hand and pulls her on top of him. "Leave it."

"Fine." She laid on top of him, resting her head on her hand, looking at the corner of the room cause. She was going to want to kiss him if she looked him in the eyes. "What are you looking at? Look at me." She rolls off of him, with her heart racing. "Oh nothing." And he rolls on top of her, placing her hands on either side of her head. She looks up at him smiling slightly. "What"

"Nothing…" He says while looking back down at her. He looks away then looks backs to her again. "Is it okay if I kiss you." She nods her head and says yes at the same time. He leans closer to her and she closes her eyes feeling his lips on her. Within seconds she was in paradise. Remembering the first time they kissed. For her it was literally a repeat of history. Nothing came to her mind, she was just happy to be there, with him, kissing him. She'll never tell him how he makes her feel. She wanted to wrap her hands around him and pull him into a deeper kiss. But she left them where he placed them. She loved his kisses and missed them too. The way he sucked on her lips, the way she would slightly feel his tongue. His kisses where soft and messy. And she loved it. He broke away and looked at her. "Would you mind, if anything went down?"

She met with his eyes. "No…" He got up for a brief second getting a condom. And they did it…

LMAO I'm sorry I'm leaving the story like this. I don't want to put to much sex stories on here. So just deal J And I know I use a lot of "he," "him," "her," and "She," Forgive me. Since it's a true story, I couldn't think of names, and I didn't want to put real names. And forgive me for this poorly worded "one shot" story. I promise the next story will be better.