All The Wrong Moves 2

"I know. I can't believe summer is almost over. I'm going to miss you." Naura moved to sit on the edge of her bed, playing with the ends of her long wavy dark brown hair. She no longer donned her maroon highlights from high school. Instead she had decided to change it up and now had light brown highlights that didn't stand out as harshly against her natural hair color. Her hair had also grown a good six inches along with her style which had become more classy eclectic chic than slutty rockstar groupie.

Man, growing up was grand.

Rachel sighed on the other end of the line, still Naura's best friend, Julie also still second best. "I wish you could live with me and just ditch your parents."

"Trust me. I wish that too."

"Is it going to be weird seeing Tyler?"

"Yeah...I'm actually a little nervous."

"Have you talked to him lately?"

"No, it's been like two months. He just became really distant and stopped talking to me altogether. I don't know. It makes me mad. He always told me how much he cared and now it's like he never said any of that."

Rachel hesitated before speaking. "Well...I don't know. Do you think maybe he met someone?"

The thought made her sick to her stomach. Despite how little Tyler contacted her, Naura was still in love with him and her heart was still broken. "I don't know. He could have. His ex is there. And probably other girls he used to hook up with. I'd just rather not think about it."

"I'm sorry. Well, maybe this will be a nice fresh start. Even though you'll be going to the same school..."

Naura smiled. "Yeah there is that little detail."

"Well, call me as soon as you get there so we can talk shit on Tyler's hoes together. And then you can go on a manhunt and let me know how hot your new guys are."


As soon as Naura hung up the phone she returned to her packing. She was flying out to Florida with her mom and stepdad Rich the next morning where she would be starting her sophomore year of college. Theresa, her mother, and Rich had decided to move to Florida to be closer to Tyler and keep the family close together. But Naura knew it was mostly to make sure Tyler wasn't falling back into his old ways. The ones that had helped Rich make the decision to leave Florida in the first place. And somehow Naura's mother had guilt tripped her into applying and transferring from her school that was close to home, to the same Florida university as Tyler. That way they could all be "together". But being together meant seeing Tyler and she hadn't seen him in almost a year and hadn't spoken to him much since their break up six months ago.

The break up was still fresh in her mind too. Especially the randomness of it and how little emotion his voice had held. Naura was pretty sure he had been high which annoyed her even more. He couldn't even break up with her while being sober. And his excuse had been "I can't do the long distance thing anymore". That was it. Yes, they had been having problems with the distance and he'd slowly stopped calling her as much but she hadn't expected that. So she had been left with a broken heart and no closure. She was pretty sure Tyler was her first real love. And she had lost him.

It took Naura a good four hours to finish packing. As soon as she finished, she passed out on her bed, not even enough energy to change into her pajamas. She barely even had enough time to dread her arrival in Florida.

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