Kailey wasn't sleeping tonight, she was crying.

It was very hard, being only in second grade and everyone hating you just because they could. Kailey was a bit on the easy side to pick on, she had just moved to this town in the middle of nowhere and she had a very quiet voice, her hair was bright red, and she had millions of freckles. The kids called her names, like 'carrot top' and 'klutz' because of the one time she dropped her lunch tray all over the cafeteria floor. That wasn't even her fault, Crystal had tripped her!

Crystal was the cruelest one, the one that egged the others on to pick on her and leave her out of their games.

Sniffling, Kailey decided to look out the window for a wishing star. Her small feet quietly pattered across the floor and she looked out the window… but instead of finding a star, she saw someone standing in the woods across from her house.

Instantly Kailey thought he looked so odd, I mean, what sort of person walked around in a forest in the middle of the night wearing such a nice suit? It took a second for Kailey to realize that he was also odd in another way- he was really tall, even taller than Daddy, and he didn't have a face. Kailey didn't feel afraid of him though, instead, she waved at the tall man. But then she blinked, and he was gone.

"I bet he's nice." She said quietly.

And Slender was nice to Kailey. It didn't take long at all to find him after school the next day; he was standing by her swing set. He was even taller than she thought! Not afraid at all, Kailey walked up and said, "Hello, sir, I'm Kailey, what's your name?"

She didn't know how but she then just knew his name- Slender. What a peculiar name, but Kailey didn't worry, she just sat on her swing and talked with Slender. She told him about her old town and friends, about what they were studying in school, and the mean bullies. Slender never said a word, but he was listening, Kailey just knew it.

It was about five thirty when Kailey's mom poked her head out the back door and called for her. Kailey said her good byes to Slender and ran inside. She told her mother about the tall man but for some odd reason omitted his name, she just didn't feel like it was right to tell her that. Kailey's mom just rolled her eyes and said, "Of course dear."

For the first week, he only showed up at her house. A couple times he went inside, and one time while the babysitter was chatting away on the phone in the next room completely ignoring Kailey, they played checkers. Slender always won, and Kailey would pout but still giggle. Near the end of the fourth game, the babysitter had her stupid boyfriend over and they locked Kailey in her room by sticking a chair under the doorknob, she didn't know why.

Kailey cried when that happened, and she managed to blurt out, "I hope I don't have to see her ever again!" Oddly enough, Slender vanished (he did that a lot too) and the giggles/moans from the living room turned into a girlish shriek and a yelp from a boy… then silence. Slender didn't come back that night, but at least he was kind enough to unblock her door.

When Mom and Dad got home from their date, they asked where the babysitter went. Kailey just said that she invited her boyfriend over and left. Mom and Dad called the babysitter's parents and were very angry… but the babysitter hadn't come home, neither did her boyfriend.

Matter of fact… Kailey didn't think they ever came back.

Slender loved hide and seek too. The woods were nice and thick so it was fun. Slender was so tall so he blended right in. Kailey would try millions of hiding spots, but Slender always found her within a couple minutes.

One time, Kailey stomped her foot and yelled, "You're cheating!" Slender sort of cocked his head to the side and put his hands on his chest like, 'Who, me?' "Yes you, you always find me!" Kailey insisted. Slender patted her head and went to go hide.

Then came that day on the playground, when Slender first appeared at school.

Kailey was going to the swing set when someone roughly shoved her into the ground. It was Crystal and her two lackeys, Cassie and Lillie. All three began chanting their teasing chant, 'Skinny, skinny, carrot top! Skinny, skinny, carrot top! Stupid, silly carrot top!' and so on.

Kailey just curled up into a little ball and cried. Then she felt it- Slender was nearby. She always got this buzzing feeling whenever her dear friend showed up. Peering up, she saw Slender under a tree. "Slender, please help me…" She sobbed quietly.

A whoosh of wind tore through the playground. All the kids started yelling excitedly when shingles were torn off the roof, hats flew off people's heads and best yet when Mrs. Violet's skirt went flying up.

During all this commotion, no one seemed to notice that Slender had crossed the playground and now was standing above Crystal, Lillie, and Cassie. That is, except Crystal, Lillie, and Cassie. All seemed to go still with fright as he wrapped his long arms around them and vanished.

Kailey got up and looked around. There was no sign of those three girls anywhere. When everyone lined up to go inside, Mrs. Violet asked where they went. Everyone shrugged and glanced around… except for Kailey. Kailey just looked under the tree, saw Slender, and winked.

They searched for those three girls for days, and never found them. Some of the older kids started joking about Slender Man taking them, and unfortunately Kailey overheard them. "How did you know?" She asked.

The spooked look on their face made Kailey wonder why they were so scared, so she asked. "Slender Man is evil." They all practically said. Kailey stormed home and complained to Slender about them calling him mean and evil.

What she didn't expect was to get a hug from Slender. But he did, he kneeled down and gave her a hug. He seemed so sad to be considered evil, and Kailey felt bad for him.

One day, it was almost Christmas break, when Kailey was caught doodling Slender on her homework. After talking with her for several minute, Kailey was sent into the office and her parents were called. Kailey was forced to wait outside of the office itself.

Kailey couldn't hear their exact words, but the principal seemed to be explaining something very grave to them. Both of her parents seemed to object strongly to what he said, and Kailey's dad was furious. The principal calmed them down, told them something else, and… apologized, Kailey believed.

Slender was there, sitting next to her in one of the chairs. It looked semi-ridiculous considering how tall he was, but he rested a hand on her head and gently ruffled her hair. "Thanks, Slender." She whispered. The door opened and Slender completely vanished.

Mother's face look red and puffy and she was trying not to cry. Daddy's face was pale, and his lips were pressed together. They took her home, not mentioning one thing said in that office.

Kailey didn't go back to school, which pleased her, that meant she could spend more time with Slender. Every day her parents would be very gentle and kind to her.

It was Christmas day, nice and cold outside, with thick snow on the ground. It was an excellent Christmas, although Mommy and Daddy seemed ready to cry at any moment, like this was the last time they would be the last time they would celebrate Christmas together.

Slender was waiting by the swing set, but his motives seemed different today. Kailey, in her new bright purple winter coat and matching hat with snowflakes on it, was confused when Slender gently pulled her hand. "Where are we going?" Kailey asked. She received another 'impression'. They were going somewhere where they could play together all day. Kailey didn't know when she'd go back home but it sounded like fun.

Hand in hand, the two began to head to the trees. Mom poked her head out of the slider and screamed. Dad ran out and had to hold her back- no one could help Kailey now. Both parents watched, tears running down both of their faces, as Slender and Kailey went somewhere where they could play all day…

And never again be interrupted.