By, uh, me?

In a land across the oceans,

And all the seven seas,

A land full of blossoms

And merry buzzing bees,

Lived a pretty bird,

In a nest within the trees.

She saw in her life many a joy and sorrow,

In a home she'd known forever.

She had her friends- more merry birds,

Bound by friendship together;

Together they cherished memories

Fade which would, never.

When winter came and fell the snow,

It was time for her to go away.

One fleeting glance at her home,

Not a word left to say.

She bid her farewell and left them thinking,

Missing her everyday.

Then one summer morning bright,

She opened her eyes to find,

Her friends waiting by her door-

The ones she'd thought she'd left behind.

For they could not do without her,

Without her words, so sweet, so kind.

And so they were together again

For a friendship that tied them- mind to mind.