Flashing lights, flickering hopes
With light's instant flash,
Many things could happen
Things that aren't permanent

Like fireflies' lights
Beautiful yet it only lasts for a short time
Illuminates the dark
Only for a brief spark

Dancing lights that entertain me
How long can you stay with me?
In this night without stars,
You light up my night

So they always say,
Nothing remains the same
Every second, it changes
Like light's life that is

Lights that surrounds me
Draw a speck of joy and hope
Even for a moment, light up my world
Become my torch amidst the fog

Light up the sky and surroundings
How wonderful it would be
Though I know the limitations, I still want to grasp the light
Stay beside me and guide my aimless journey

Fly high towards the sky
Illuminate the lonely world beneath you
Dance for us and give us temporary light
So that we may learn to appreciate

Fireflies who flies around
Guide me towards the right path
Even in these dark paths, I'll never be lost
A brief light, could make me feel better