The rain is a burden on our little wings

Struggling in the overwhelming pour of rain

Pathless birds in flight

Wandering where we belong

Even though our wings were wet from rain's touch,

Weary of this added weight that has been pulling us down,

No one can stop us to dream

For a bright tomorrow to come

Aimless birds wandering in the vast grey sky

Searching for an unknown place

Where we can be our true selves

A place where our dreams can become reality

The sound of the raindrops keep ringing on our ears

The echoes of our lives

Turning us deaf from the wonderful melodies of the world

When can we truly hear the sounds that were calling us?

We keep trying over and over

We got tired yet still wouldn't give up

Searching the paths of our still meaningless lives

Flying away from the past that haunts

Even without destination, we keep flying

Towards an endless branches of paths

Bearing hope that someday we'll be able to break free

To be able to fly freely on a bright blue sky

Someday these thoughts will never be just a dream

Transforming into a sweet reality

To the paradise of our dreams, we fly

The place where our dreams takes its form

The grey sea of clouds

May drown us and swallow our dreams

Those simple yet meaningful dreams that kept us strong to continue

Those little dreams that will never die

Then we asked ourselves,

Is this the right way?

Nevertheless, we keep flying

Finding answers to this huge pile of unanswered questions

We are wild birds gliding through the rain

Restricted by limitations,

We keep going through this endless journey

Searching for answers on life's questions as we fly