No more excuses now,

What is the point in excusing such monstrous behaviour?

I can see the truth despite the cover story you use to conceal it;

I just wish I could say the right thing to make you listen, to let you know that I know.

But even that is laughable, gullible even, because you'll do as you please,

Regardless to whether my feelings stand in your way or not.

You'll rip out my heart and trample it just as you promised.

You stand there so proud with yourself like you're judge, jury and executioner;

You've ruled and decided to perform your speciality, a heart transplant,

Because now I can't tell whether this is love or just another lie you talk about.

You think I want a lie like this? You think this helps or solves anything?

Whether it will protect me while you sort your feelings out, well it doesn't.

Instead you're an oppressor, you lead me down this narrow path to a cliff edge,

And now I don't know whether to stay with you or jump into something else.

You're excuses are nothing but a weapon you use to confuse me.

Why can't you just tell the truth for once? Maybe than I can hate you,

Because I know what you're doing is wrong but I still love you.

If you told the truth maybe that would convince me that you're still good, inside;

And if that doesn't work at least then I could walk away with some dignity.

No more excuses, please. I don't want to be forced to accept another lie when I'm already living in one.