Tommy Claymont's Death in the Mysterious House.

The house sat on the top of the hill. It was mysterious, many years ago someone had died there. The house itself had an ominous aura - a few ghost finders claimed they could feel the ghost of young Tommy Claymont.

Tommy Claymont was ten years old when he got dared by his mates to go into the house. As ten year olds do, he told them he'd go up when it was dark - to add to the scare-factor.

Tommy went up at nine o'clock, it was winter so darkness came quickly. He couldn't see more then ten feet in front of him up the winding path that led him up to the gate. Tommy opened the wrought iron gate; it squeaked loudly. He looked around, he was completely alone.

As Tommy went through the garden, passing by a few overgrown brushes. When he came to the door, he stopped, unsure. But he remembered that his friends would never let him live it down.

He pushed at the door, which opened easily - someone had oiled it recently. But the house had been empty for decades. The last occupant had died in the upper bedroom in 1989.

Tommy looked inside, there was a grandfather clock ticking loudly in the silence of the house; a worn armchair at the bottom of the stairs; and a wall phone on the wall to the left of the open door. Maybe, if Tommy Claymont had noticed the clock and the door, he would have survived.

He went, albeit hesitantly, into the house. The floorboards creaked as his weight was registered. As soon as he was through the door, it slammed shut.

Tommy whirled round, panicked, and tried to get out of the door. He couldn't get out through the door, he must try another exit. But when he ran through into the living room to try the windows, they locked. The realisation that he was trapped came over him suddenly. Tommy sat down and cried. He never got out. He lived for another week and then he died - from starvation.

How do I know this?

How do I know all the intricate details on how poor Tommy Claymont died?

Well, I am the house, of course I know.