"Fuck..." I swore as I watched my ex-girlfriend's car drive off.

Now, thanks to her, I had no way of getting home. I didn't have my car and the carpark was empty, apart from the motorbike in the corner, next to the curb.

I leaned against the wall, looking up at the dark sky. It was going to rain. And I was right, within minutes, rain poured down, soaking me to the bone.

Great, I thought sarcastically, just what I needed.

In fairness, the reason I was without a ride home was because I had come to school with my ex-girlfriend, so I didn't need my car. But how was I to know that we would break-up over her cheating on me?

It was rarely this quiet in the school grounds; it was always loud with the chatter of other students. I found it quite peaceful, if damn annoying, to be here alone.

I heard the door slam behind me. I looked round the corner of the building I was leaning against. The source of the heavy footsteps now coming towards me was Blake York.

Blake York was the rebel of the school, hardly turning up for lessons. Blake's dyed-green hair was wet and hanging in his eyes; his Doc Martins thudding against the concrete as he walked across the carpark. As he approached the bike, it occurred to me that he was my only way home.

"Wait!" I said loudly, picking up my bag, slinging it over my shoulder and walking over.

Blake turned and looked at me.

"The thing is..." I said, slightly nervous, "I need a ride."

He kept looking at me, raising an eyebrow. It was unnerving.

"I mean, it's ok if you can't give me a lift, but if you could..." I looked him in the eye, hoping.

In response, Blake bent down, picked up his helmet which was next to the bike on the floor and gave it to me.

"Thanks." I said.

I waited while he got on the bike and started the engine. He waited for me, patiently. Quickly, I put my bag on both my shoulders, settled on the back of the bike and glanced for somewhere to put my hands.

Blake shook his head and reached for my hands and put them firmly around his waist. I had to shuffle forward into his warm back which was clad in a leather jacket.

He glanced at me, his brown eyes piercing my helmet and, it felt like, my soul as well, before accelerating gently down the school drive and out of the gate.

He increased the speed of the bike as he turned us onto the main road. This road was normally congested with traffic, but as it was late there was no one on the road.

Or so I thought that was the reason, until we came to a yellow sign that read:

"Road Closed Due To Essential


Blake stopped the bike, glanced at me briefly before turning the bike round and driving back down the stretch if road we had just come. He drove until he turned left down a avenue that came out to a narrow country lane.

As we sped down the lane, I wondered how Blake knew where I lived.

The wind blew Blake's hair back into my face, blocking my view. I didn't actually mind. It was quite nice.

Soon, we were turning up the driveway that led up to my house. The trees lining the side of the gravel drive swayed from side to side in the wind.

Blake stopped the bike in front of the steps that led to the imposing door. I got off with little difficulty. I took my helmet off and made to give it back to Blake.

"Keep it." Blake's deep voice said, before spinning the bike around and driving away, the wind ruffling his hair.

I stood there, with the helmet in my left hand and my bag on my shoulder.

As I turned and went into my house, I thought that Blake wasn't as bad as his reputation said he was.