This is not a fanfic. It's an original story of mine.

The highway. It's the only true home I've ever known. Passing from town to town so my mother can find work sucks. My life is always this. It is never better and never worse. It is an emotionless void, no happiness or sadness. Not even anger. Just...empty.

"Jack, what's wrong honey?" My mother asks and looks over at me from the driver's seat. I hold back a scowl and sigh instead.

"Nothing, Mom. I'm just dandy." I reply and sigh once more before looking out the window. Everything passes by in a blur, just like my life. My name's really Jaquline but I have everyone call me Jack for short. I understand that it's a boy name but I honestly don't give a rat's ass. Jaquline is worse in my opinion.

"So, what do you think of the new town we're moving to?" She asks and looks at me again so she can see my face. Well, what she can of it anyway. I close my eyes to calm down and open them again.

"I don't know yet, Mom." I answer still looking out the passenger-side window. "I need to be there for a while first."

She nods, her brown hair going into her face as she looks at the road again. I know that ignoring her is rude but she is the one who keeps putting us through this. This is her reward.

"Won't you just talk to me?" She says but I ignore her and turn on the radio. Maybe some tunes will help me relax a little better.

You took me by surprise

with the twinkle in your eyes.

Each feeling fresh and new

with each moment spent with you.

Why did you have to go?

Was it something I didn't know?

"Oh, God." I groan and go to change the channel but my mother stops me and smiles.

"I like this song." is all she replies and I groan once more. Why?

Oh, Jaquline.

Oh, Jaquline.

Why did you have to leave?

Our friendships ripped at the seems.

Please. Just have it end already.

Oh, Jaquline.

Oh, Jaquline.

You never said goodbye.

Was this all a lie?

Oo-h. Oo-h.

I sneak a glance at my mother as she hums and bounces along to the up-beat song that my best friend, Stevie, created two years ago. He became a famous singer and now each song he puts out is about me. I always felt bad about not being able to tell him that I was leaving but my mother told me long ago that it would be dangerous to tell anyone anything personal about me. I had always agreed. Until I met Stevie and his now wife, Yukiko.

It was the night you left

that everything became a mess.

You turned me inside out

but that's what it's all about.

Where did everything go wrong?

Why has it been too long?

Before he can sing the chorus again, I turn the dial on the dashboard and an old sixties song comes on instead. My mother glares at me out of the corner of her eye and I secretly smirk. Victory is mine.

"That was very rude, Jaquline." She scolds and I scoff. Please. That was child's play. I can show her rude...but I won't. That would just be too mean and, frankly, I'm just not in the mood for it today.

I lean back against the passenger's seat and close my eyes.