A/N: Before reading this, I would just to mention, that this another Alice in Wonderland story. However, I would to mention, whereas Alice has had so many makeovers, I am not considering this a fan-fiction. Throughout this story I will be mentioning Queen Alice, a lot, that is because I am a huge fan of The Looking Glass Warstrilogy by Frank Beddor. If you have never read the trilogy, then I definitely recommend it.

With any further a due, I bring you Her Name was Queen Alice.


"It's time my Queen"

"Good evening my Queen," announced one of the families keepers. Alice Goodwin looked up, and seemed haunted by the name that she had just heard the keeper call her. Surely, he should have known not to call her that.

"Shhh. You know better than to call me that. Especially with the twins asleep upstairs, and they could wake at any moment, and Lord only knows what could happen after that," Alice warned sounding alarmed, and not wanting to look the mid aged keeper in the eyes.

"But Madame, it has been years, and as of last night, it has been spoken of, that Wonderland is in need a Queen again, you know what that means, especially since their father has passed," he told her a incorrigible voice.

She sat there, as trying to decide on what to say. She taken another sip of her Earl Grey tea and then looked up at the keeper. "Fine then, this shall be where we live and stay, until it is wise that the children know the truth or they come to age, whichever happens first," Alice decided. There was no reason to decide further. What neither of them spoke a word for a few moments.

"Are you sure Madame Alice?" asked the keeper as he stood by the doorway to show himself out. Meanwhile hoping she hadn't made up her mind yet.

"I'm absolutely sure," she revealed.

"Alright well good night M'Lady," the keeper turned and left with no other words.

That was ten years ago.