One of the guards nudged me forward. I smiled at how I felt so safe in here, where as others would be scared to the bone. As I walked forward down the corridor I had the most radiant smile spread across my face that any life form had ever seen before. Most importantly I was proud of it.

My boots echoed as I crossed the hard, glistening, white floor. The brightness of it made the place feel like a medical building, it even smelt all professional and full of drugs. As I passed the chambers I noticed that many of them seemed all doom and gloom, I couldn't think why.

The guards over took my pace and walked in front of me. When we reached an empty chamber they both came to a halt. I looked at my new home which I would only have for a few hours... if procedures went smoothly. The guard closest to the cellar turned and walked up to the colourless wall which had small lines moving vigorously around the sheet of glass. They were only there so a person knew where their boundaries were in the room.

As he typed some of the digits in, I turned to the other guard. He gave me a cold stare through the darkened shades he was wearing. "You know hiding your eyes doesn't give you the friendliest impression." I pressed my lips together and nodded. "You'll have trouble getting the girls in the future, a man's eyes are supposed to be the best part of their looks. You're not scoring very highly."

The door slid open and the guard stepped to one side. He stood there waiting for me to enter. "You first." He didn't move. "Come on, I insist." He still didn't show any sign of life. Suddenly I felt a cold touch on my back. It pushed me forward. I turned around to see grumpy had stretched out his gun and was forcing me forwards.

Once I had stepped in I turned back to face them. I grinned at them. "Please, stay for a bit. You could keep me company." They looked at my blankly. "Oh come on, do you not have any sense of humour in that suit?" Still no movement, no emotion. "I bet your both called the jokers in your pack of friends." I laughed slightly. Cocky defiantly suited me. It was the one thing I was good at. Well, also somehow escaping life threatening events, but I had had a lot of practice, so that was understandable.

The sliding down was slowly closing. "Wait! Wait, wait, wait." I stepped forward to the wall. The door stopped and then slowly retreated. "I believe I ordered some entertainment." The guard to my right lifted up his spare arm, the one without the large gun and checked on the little computer that was built into his armour. "Handy." He looked up to me and saw the large smirk on my face then back to the information that was rapidly popping out of his arm and turning into holograms. I pulled my head away slightly, not appreciating the new technology that had advanced globally.

Once he had confirmed my request he shut his arm off and then clicked his fingers. Nothing happened and nothing appeared. I laughed at his incompetence. He clicked is fingers again and a tennis ball appeared in the palm of his hand. "Ah! Thank you." I took the ball and walked into my small den. I waved them off and watched them as the even marched back up the corridor.