My poor attempt at poetry. This is to a friend who is never going to read this, from my life in Idaho. I've had this sitting around for about a year now, just never published it.

That day I wish I would have said
what I wanted to say.
But I just watched you leave,
I watched you walk away.

I wish I would have said
I love you.
But I couldn't, I knew
You'd laugh and say it wasn't true.

I wish I could have said
good-bye to you.
I wish I could have sent
The letter that you never read.

I wish I could have stayed
and had more time with you.
But I had to go
And now I miss you.

I wish you were here
with me today.
But that won't happen
So I just need to say...

I cut off on purpose. My intent with this is to convey that the author has a lot to say, but can't say it, either because she can't find the proper words, or she just can't face the truth.