A/N: Alright so here is the sequel to Hansel and Gretel: Vampires in the Dawn. Unlike the Original, this is not a rewrite of the actual fairytale but a true sequel to my first one. I do hope you enjoy it as the twins come back darker and sicker than ever. It may start out slow but trust me, it really does pick up near the end; that's probably since I had trouble with the intro as this is an original sequel (not like the re-write with a vampire element, which the first one basically is just that). Also, this is rated M for a reason, there is a "intimate" scene between Hansel and Gretel, so if you don't like it, you can always skip that chapter or just not read the story, whichever suits you better =). Please read and tell me what you think of the story, pretty please? lol have fun reading.

Hansel and Gretel II: Legends into Myths

"AHHH!" echoes a man's scream through the night sky as a yet desperate man runs through the dark streets or Romania. He is running, with all his might to flee he forces his legs to move no matter the fatigue. Bam! Bam! Suddenly shout two gun shots through the air as gun powder can be smelled. The running man falls to the ground screaming, he tightly grips his knees. Blood spills out everywhere, in all direction yet it flows without a definite direction. Blood, such a thing which lets us live and such a thing which can cause a scare in some people and the same thing which is a sight to behold for some. Tap, tap, tap come the footsteps from the direction the man was running away from. He screams in pain holding his knees tightly, shot in both knees the man cannot hold the pain back. He screams in the hopes of letting it out, in the hopes his suffering would be over quick. Tap! Tap! Tap! Closer get the footsteps.

"Hehe" comes a girl's mischievous giggle as the man looks up to find a little girl. The girl holds a gun in her hands pointed towards the man, who realizes it was her who shot one of his friends. Then comes another giggle as a little boy walks forward, bending down with an axe in his hand. He dips his finger into the blood, lifts it up as he stares at it with great interest and licks it. The man on the ground is left speechless, his two friends and workmates were killed by these two kids? It was unbelievable, the boy continues to lick. He gets down on his knees setting down his axe, and now licks the blood, almost like a cat.

"Silly brother! You know that's inappropriate and rude to eat like that!" scolds Gretel as Hansel looks up at his sister apologetically. Gretel bends down and kisses Hansel's forehead forgiving him for his rude actions. Hansel smiles as he holds up some blood in his hand towards his sister, who in return smiles as she drinks it with great thirst. Her eyes widen looking at Hansel, "This has to be some of the better blood we've drank in quite a while brother" Hansel nods while saying, "But yours is the best dear sister."

"Hehe so is yours dear brother"

"What should we do with him Gretel?" asks Hansel. She contemplates the question for a while and an idea makes its way into her head as her eyes shoot open, "I know! We can take him back with us!"

"Why? What are we going to do with him once we're back at our room?"

"Well our previous playmate started to rot didn't he?" asks Gretel as Hansel nods, "So we will need a new one" speaks Gretel looking towards the cowering man.

'How could they do it? It's just one boy and one girl, yet they are so murderous!' the thoughts run through the man's head. Hansel stores his axe by his hip safely in his axe holder, holds the man by his legs and starts to drag him away. The man begins to scream in pain as he can feel as though his knees are being ripped apart off of from his legs. He claws at the ground, in an effort to stop the boy from letting him drag the man on further, but the man has no strength, he spent it all in screaming of the pain. He spent it all in shaking of the pain, and he spent it all in worrying about the pain. Hansel continues to drag the man as Gretel keeps an eye out with her gun, she and her brother along with the man soon disappear off into the darkness of the alley leaving behind a blood trail for the soon oncoming cops.

On a chair sits a decaying body as the odor of it engorges the room. Gretel opens the door as the three soon enter; Gretel covers her nose waving around her hand in an effort to clear the smell. "It's gotten bad" spoke Hansel pointing towards the body. The man looked at it, is that what it was going to become of him? Was that to be his fate? Gretel takes out a body bag from under the bed and puts the body in it, being careful not to damage her dress in the process. She takes the body out the room; Hansel drags the man towards the chair and sets him down on it, the pain jolts throughout his body as he tries to hold it back. Hansel takes out a bit of rope and begins to tie the man's arms behind the chair speaking, "You know mister that last body became no fun after he died. I hope you won't die too quickly hehe."

The man felt as though his heart skipped a beat feeling cold sweat drip down his cheek. Shivers went down his body as his face looked in panic, looking at the two twin monsters.

Roar of loud car engines crackled in the air as passer bys were told to stay clear of the dark alley. The alley where two vampires left a trail, a police officer patiently dealt with all the passer bys as another went into the alley. Walking towards one who was examining the blood on the ground, "So Alexendru, what do make of it?"

"Doesn't make any sense, why leave a blood trail?" replied Alexendru asking a question of his own.

"That's why we got you down here. So come on, what have you got?" asked the police officer.

"Still working on it" replied Alexendru.

"Make it quick. Some of these people are starting to get suspicious of this being a murder scene. We will need to sweep up the area soon once we get all the evidence we can."

Alexendru simply nodded as he turned to follow the blood trail. His mouth parted in anticipation, as he walked off into the darkness, out of the comfort of the street light. He took out his matchbox, lighting a match. Alexendru cursed his forgetfulness for leaving his paraffin lamp behind in the police car. He pointed the match towards the ground following the blood trail. Alexendru bent down to feel the blood, he could feel it; the blood was dry but still somewhat wet. He lifted up his fingers seeing some of it rub off on his hand; he turned his focus back on the trail hunt. The blood began to fade and fade until he finally came to a dead end. He looked up, all around and no blood to be found anywhere. 'How could it just disappear?' wondered Alexendru, it was then that a piece of cloth hanging by a hole in the wall caught his attention. He reached out to grab it and noticed blood stains on it; no doubt the culprits tied took their victim while successfully managing to cover their trail. The hole caught Alexendru's attention further and so he decided to investigate it. Although what waited him inside was something which would be a surprise to any police officer of this day and age, an elaborate trap set by the perpetrators. The moment he stepped inside is the moment he triggered the trap through a trip wire. Though Alexendru's instincts were quick enough to warn him off as he quickly took notice and backed out of the hole barely dodging the gun shot which was fired. The area now smelled of gun powder. No doubt a hunting rifle was the weapon, Alexendru got up lighting another match.

"Looks like we're dealing with someone smart this time" whispered Alexendru.

Soon other lights came chasing in Alexendru's attention, other police officers had caught up with him with both surprise and worry written on their faces. "I'm fine" spoke Alexendru and a wave of relief swam over his colleagues. "What happened sir?" asked a rookie in uniform.

" A trap, looks like our assailants had set up a trap for anyone trying to follow their trail" said Alexendru as he proceeded to examine the scene. Gun powder smell was overwhelming, as he coughs blocking his nose.

"How do you know there was more than one criminal?" asked one of the officers.

"Because there is clear evidence of gun powder smell as well as some evidence of a melee weapon, one person can't wield both while using them if they hope to keep their arm intact and make the shot" spoke Alexendru pointing towards the cut marks on the wall and the ground. The others observed the marks on the ground clearly impressed by his observations and quick instincts.

"Let's wrap up here, there is nothing else here anyways" signaled Alexendru as the other officers followed beginning clean up procedures.