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5 years later.

The wind blew gently through the grass prairies of a country side. The fresh cool air blew the soft silk silver hair of a beautiful woman. Gretel had grown to become a very beautiful woman, she now resided in the prairie side with her family of two children, twins. It was the night in Don Adone's den which caused her pregnancy and birth of these twins. She raised them like a kind mother, but also like a warrior. She had trained them to fight, to not be afraid and instill fear in others. She taught them the taste of blood. As babies, they needed milk, but she would also occasionally mix her own blood into the milk to get them accustomed to the taste of blood. Soon afterwards, as they grew older, she began to feed them blood directly into their mouth from her own body. The cycle continues.

Gretel sat in a chair outside her house, watching her children play. She held a sliver wig, Hansel's fake hair. Which she had kept as a memento, now 20 years old, she can no longer pose the voice of a man. Her children were born with the same hair as her, same red eyes as their father Hansel and same mischievous behavior as their parents. Gretel silently mourned Hansel's death, she has been mourning him for 5 years, but the gift of these twins entering her life has helped her carry that weight and live on. Gretel decided to name the twins the same as Hansel and herself, it was only fitting and showed them more than just a mother's love. In all these years she had never become intimate with anyone else after Hansel's passing other than her children. She was raising them to be like her, monsters, vampires and those to be feared in the days to come. She looks up from the wig to her children, throwing a gentle smile towards them and waving her hand she feels relieved to see them in her sight.

A rusty old sound disturbs Gretel's line of thought. She gets up to look who it could be coming up the pathway towards their house. Gretel had started her own cloth making business and sometimes expected customers directly at her doorsteps. She had quit the life she once led in order to support her children and nourish them into becoming Hansel and Gretel. She went around the house as her children followed to front. The twins hid in the long grass to defend their mother, this was a natural instinct for the two. They had always defended Gretel whenever someone came to their house or whenever they were out in places with other people. Old grudges are hard to forget for some Gretel learnt a long time ago in her five years past. The rusty sound of wheelchair stopped as the man sitting in it looked up at Gretel and spoke, "Do you know why I'm here?" and Gretel looked at him confused. She knew she had seen his face somewhere before but couldn't exactly remember where.

"Because of you I'm in this cursed wheelchair!" he spoke as he took out his gun and pointed it at Gretel. "Alexendru, detective Alexendru" calmly spoke Gretel. Hansel in the grass tightened his grip on the ground, trying to restrain himself from jumping it out and killing the man. "My brother Hansel is already dead...he died 5 years ago in Romania, are you here to kill me as well?" asked Gretel as she welcomed death with open arms. Her children were well equipped to survive on their own, and she had given strict instructions to help them survive. BAM! BAM! BAM! Alexendru fired three gun shots from his revolver. Each pierced Gretel in the stomach as she fell on the ground, smiling, thinking she will finally join Hansel. Hansel jumped out of the grass, jabbed his hands into Alexendru's throat as hard as he could and ripped it out. Blood sprayed everywhere and all this happen in a matter of seconds as he looked around panicking, the pain; it was unbearable. The blood sprayed and splattered as some fell on Hansel's face. He opened his mouth, let the blood fall in, tasting it and rejoicing in it. Gretel watched her daughter step out and follow Hansel's lead. They took Alexendru's throat and put it in their mouth, drinking the blood out of it; Hansel decided to leave some for his sister Gretel as he offered it to her. She gladly took it, drank the blood and threw away the body. She picked up his revolver, aimed it at Alexendru's head as he struggled to get a grip on the pain, and shot him three times in the head before the revolver was empty. Her children made her proud, they have become fully fledged creatures like their parents, and they have become vampires. Gretel began to close her eyes knowing she can die without having to worry about her children's survival.

Gretel closed her eyes, the cold dark shadows of death took her into the purgatory promised to all, where she could walk with her brother holding hands alongside a beach. A purgatory of peace, the final destination after death.

The twins looked at their dead mother, they stood by her body. Both of them bent down and dug their teeth into Gretel's soft and fair skin, drank the last bit of blood their mother would ever give them. Gretel could feel a tear forming in her eye, but Hansel wiped it away as he looked at his sister smiling, he gave her a kiss on her forehead. "We will make it work somehow" spoke Hansel.

The two got up, brought out a pile of wood, placed their mother on it and burnt her, giving her a cremation. They then went back into the house, packed the things they needed, walked out of the house to the cremation spot one last time. Watching the fire ablaze, the two joined their hands with one another, gave a bow and spoke, "Mother, father please watch over us" and soon the two departed. The legend of Hansel and Gretel had spread in the years their parents had lived to soon become a myth in the 5 years their mother had settled down. However the scary thing about legends turning into myths sometimes is that they are true. The two little vampires walk off, looking at old grudges and newer beginnings, the two walk of making legends into myths and back into legends.

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