You want to hear something interesting?

A week and 3 days ago at my dad's house, my sister Tori was starting to have joint pains in her leg. She was limping and I was getting really worried. She also had a headache a couple hours later.

Everyone was thinking, oh you know, she's just sick. But Tori looked like she was in some serious pain. She made it through the night, but I was still a little freaked over it.

I let it go, but when I called her I found out that she was having a fever and had to stay home.

Well, I don't know why I told you people. It's not like you care about what happens in my life.

So school today was moronic. Tyson broke up with his third girlfriend this year already. Mara and I were extremely happy, of course. Tyson, Mara, and I have this weird system. I like to call it the "best friend jealousy process". Because when ever Tyson gets a new girlfriend, Mara and I automatically become jealous. It's not like we're in love with Tyson, but it bothers us for some odd reason. And I don't think it's just us to girls, Tyson does the exact same thing. Whenever I or Mara starts dating a guy, Tyson will automatically dislike him. Even if he doesn't know the guy. Well, I guess it's probably because we are the close three best friends.

I also made and astonishing discovery today. Brant's girlfriend's name is Alexis. I know what you're thinking: what's so weird about that (bad imitation of your voice)? Well, it wasn't right then when I made the discovery. But as you know, I have some weird attachment and strong feelings for him, and I had been rejected time and time again. Well when I was outside after lunch, I saw him with Alexis and her friends and it hit me.

My middle name is Alexis. Random coincidence right? But no. My mom was going to name me Alexis (so she could call me Alex as a nick name I might add), but changed her mind at the last second and named me Megan. Well, how weird is that?! Grant couldn't seem to make up his mind about me –maybe because of my middle name- but it is working out perfectly for Alexis! Maybe if my name had been Alexis, fate would have changed and Brant would have liked me!

Thanks mom for messing with my fate!

But then that got me thinking of my fate and where I was heading.

I want to be a writer or a movie director when I'm older. I love to write stories and make mini movies and edit them. I'm not too bad at acting either. But the thing is, my art teacher is telling me I have some really serious potential. She was going on and on today about this new art club for advanced artists my age that I should join. I could tell she was trying to force art onto me but it wasn't working.

She even made no attempt to hide her disappointment when I quietly told her that I wanted to be a writer/ director.

But I find that thinking about your fate doesn't help you what so ever. I could end up being some creepy clown who stands on the side of the street handing out spray painted puppies, trying to sell some "new" and colorful breed.

Or maybe I will keep my sanity and become a writer or movie director when I'm an adult.

I guess with fate, you will never know…