chapter 1:

I jumped back as John slung at me with the large stick. Stiffling the scream, and hardening my face as I strained my sences to hear for his footsteps. Which was next to impossible as we were outside, on grass, and he had music blasting at the end of the field. My arms stung with bruises, but I knew quitting wasn't going to be an option. Not unless I wanted to beat with the stick. I heard him suck in a deep breathe of air from the right, and quickly I reached out, trying once again to grab the stick. Only to have it slam into my side. "Don't give up!" He screamed at me, grimancing I reached around grabbing for the large stick. Smiling when I caught it, and using all the energy I had left in me, I pulled back on my feet. Landing on the saoft grass. "I gave you that." He muttered as he squated down next me.

My eyes were overly sensitive the sun, so I kept them close until he chcukled. "Open your eyes, you little petiful child. Training is over for the day." He muttered as he grabbed my hand and pulled me up. "Good job." He whispered, breathing just as heavily as I was. I nodded, jogging next to him as we went back to the tribe. Neither of us really talking as we watched the sun set. "Three hours today, but you've got tomorrow off." He said softly as we walked to well in the middle and grabbing an apple off the large dark wagon.

"Watch the storm we've been waiting forever to come, come tomorrow." Smiling at the thought of rain. I looked over at my home where Mom was waving me over, looking more and more impatient by the moment. "Bye Jared." I called over my shoulder, before jogging over. The cabins weren't big, just big enough to live in comfort, have a room, and still in total keep hidden. I walked up to the two steps, kicking off my shoes at the doorway. "'Ello." I called as I walked into the kitchen. Mom and Dad sitting there silently as they watched me. Tossing the apple in the trash, I waited for them to respond, only to have them to keep starring at me.

My parents looked nothing like me. Though being adopted when I was seven might have explained a bit. Mom had dirty blonde hair with lime green eyes. The natural elf eyes. That glowed at night like a cat's, and turned darker in the middle when they got anger. Her skin was slightly tan, but with the usual rain and all, it wasn't very tan. She wore a black shirt, and light blue jeans. Her eyes had bags under them, and I don't think I had notcied them until now. Though it looked like she had a failed attepmt of applying make up over it. Being the leader of the tribe couldn't be as easy as they made it look I guess.

Dad had red hair that curled at the top, and freckles covered his body. His white shirt was wrenckled and rolled up as he rested his head on his hands. His lime green eyes the same, standing out against the dark tan skin. Neither looked happy, and they didn't seem to want to make eye contact either. Which usualy meant I was either in trouble, or they had something important to tell me. And they knew I wasn't going to take well to it. "Sit down Iz." He muttered. My blood turning to ice, as I did exactly that.

We were quiet for a moment, as we waited him to talk. "We got a letter today from Nicu, h-"

"The werewolf alpha contacted you!" I shouted. The shock ran through like no other. We weren't on very good terms at the moment. Never had been. And I raised to believe never would be.

He held up a hand, making me fall silent as I fell back. "Yes, he would like to call an alliance. But to do so, he has a request." He paused, rubbing his temples as he looked down at the table. "He wants to meet you. As in have you go there, by yourself." Again he paused, not looking at all happy about this.

"And you want to say no because, why?" I asked completly confused as he starred me. It would be stopping thousands of outbreaks, and having peace put in our tribe. Only to have me go to the castle where he wanted me to be for however long. It seemed like an alright compromise. And it's not like he could do anything to me, not if he wanted over a hundered elves attacking them. And an alpha will go out of his way to keep his pack out of fighting. And for the past five years, we've both been in silence from the other.

His face turned red with annoyance, and I knew he wasn't understanding the way I was thinking. "Because you'd be going into a werewolf pack with no protection." He exclaimed, as I narrowed my eyes.

Looking over at Mom she seemed to be trying to make up her mind on something. She had lips pursed, and was starring down at the ground. "But this stupid war would be over with!" I shouted, forcing my chair back. "And it's not like I don't know how to fight. I've been training since I was eight, and Jared agreed that he'd train me." I snapped angerily when he continued to look into my eyes. For some reason it always ticked me off, and he knew it.

"I think we should request to ask to have someone go with her. Just in case this is a trap." Mom said looking over at Dad, as I relaxed slightly. Knowing if she wanted me to go, she'd convince Dad to let me go.

He looked back and forth before pulling out his phone. I knew it was urgent if he using the normals' way of contacting. We all set in silence as he waited. "She's agreed to come, but my wife and I believe we can request another to come along with her." Nicu must have been talking very softly on the other side, because I couldn't make out anything but a muffled noice. "What's you interest in her anyways?" He snarled lowly. I jumped slightly at the murderous sound, which meant Nicu obviously didn't agree with the statement. "Yes, she is, and does know." He snapped. I looked over at Mom who could obviously understand what was going on. Her face pale, and her eyes flaming with anger.

I didn't understand why if he told me, he didn't want me to go. It was like he was looking for a fight. Of course I would want to go. This tribe was every bit as mine, as his. A growl left my throat as I snatched it the silver device from his hands. "I'll be there, send the information of what I need to know as soon as possible. Please and thank you." With that, I snapped the phone closed, putting it in my pocket.

"You just agreed to walk into a werewolf pack unprotected!" Dad snarled.

"And you just nearly started another war between us. I don't think you relize this, but this is an option for us to stop this stupid war. And your trying to continue this. We need to take this while we got it. It's not like he asked you to marry his son. I'm just going to meet the pack. You know why? So they know who they're going to be working with in the future. Since Luke's in the war, and they know we're close. They're most likely assuming we're atleast a bit alike. They want to know if they can agree on this!" My voice was raising higher and higher as I contined. "That alpha has no reason to want to kill me. He has no reason to want this war to continue. Werewolves hate fighting every bit as much as we do." I hissed.

The kitchen was silent as they starred at me. "I know I'm only half of a werewolf. And that I'm freak of nature, and no I don't really know what they are like. But look at me, I have yet to have the urge to run around and kill someone. I'm not a freaking vampire. Get over it."

When they continued to just stare at me, I spun around and slammed my door behind me. The anger in me quickly resided for when I'd see him later, and grabbed some clothes. After taking a quick shower, and brushing my teeth, I crawled into bed. The room felt smaller than usual, the light yellow walls seemed to be closing in on me. My fluffly white sheets seemed to give me little peace. Laying my head down the pillow I closed my eyes, and after sending a prayer to God for help on what was to come. I allowed myself to drift off to sleep. Somehow ending up reliving the day I was adopted.

There's an area in New York City for kids that are not normal kids. Being vampires, elves, fiaries, anything that made society stare down at you like a white dot in a room full of pink dots. Kids aren't easily given by any not normal. Kids are cherished like a poor man stumbling across a castle full of everything he'd ever dreamed of. And the only way to get the kids were if the parents were killed off first. And because of how strong we all were, it was very hard to do so. Which was why it was only a little room holding about twelve kids. Ranging from a little four year old, to the girl that was fifteen.

Momma, that was what we were to call her, tried everything to get us all adopted. But I don't remember ever watching a single kid leave. Not ever. I don't even remember a person walking in with the thought of adopting. Maybe a plumber to fix the hot water, but he was always in and out so quickly it's unbelivable. But I remember one day Momma was beyond excited over something, and she had me all dressed up. I remember exactly what I was wearing. It was a white dress with a dark smokey grey fabric on the bottom. It came down to my kness, and I wore really uncomfortable navy blue flats that I had put up a tantrum on having to wear. I wanted to my boots, my comfy cowboy boots that were beyond worn down. And Crissey, the fifteen year old, had gave me a pretty white flower headband to wear.

When they walked in, elves were naturaly tall, I remember asking really loudly why he was so tall. And why I was so short. Because I had to crane my neck all the way up to look at him. I remember Dad's eyes were so kind, as he smiled grabbing my hand. I remember asking where I was going while I was in the car, and Mom explianing that I was going home with them. And how they had laughed a bell like laughter when I simply said, 'Okay.'

A hawks call woke me, from outside the window. Groaning, I sat up reaching at the window to open in. I grabbed the note attached to it's leg, as he flew to the podium in the corner drinking from the little cup I had filled for my cat on my dresser. Who layed there, flicking it's tail, but never jumped at it. Turning on my lamp, I sat up, looking out at the three a.m sky. The thin parchment, being held together by a piect of rope.

The scribble was messey, almost like whoever wrote it was in a hurry. And was trying to get to me before I could change my mind. Like it was going to change.

Dear Isobel,

I'm so glade you agreed to come. This isn't a trap as your father might think. My pack is just curious as to how elves work, and socialize. Who we would one day be working with. We are promising, if all goes well, a safe trip for you. A couple of my pack mates will be there in two days to pick you up, and to ensure a trip over. They are very much axnious to meet you, as well as am I. We plan to have you stay with a week, maybe longer, and if all goes well, you can possibly pursuade your father to agree with this. I've known for much time now, that change is not in his vocabulary. I am hoping you can persuade him otherwise. And that he will learn we are not the barbanic beast your tribe all believes us to be. As you know, we can be gentle, friendly, and ,even (gasp), social. We are hoping to give a safe time here, but as your here you also treat me as the others. As an alpha. Again I thank you so much for helping us to getting a step closer to ending this ridiculus war. _Nicu_

I starred at the letter, knowing Dad was going to want to read this, But i doubted he would want me waking him up this early to read a letter. Standing up, I grabbed a piece of paper out of drawer. And stumbling to my desk as I sat down. Uncapping the ink I grabbed the white feather and wrote back. Boots jumping in my lap and going to sleep.

Dear Alpha,

The fact that you have decided to end this, makes me want to sing. But I won't, because it's three in the morning. And I doubt my dad would fancy the idea of waking up to me singing. But still I thank you for the descion. I've always wondered what's it like in a pack, guess I'll find out soon. Looking forward to it. And still thanking you will all my heart -Isobel-

p.s you'll be recieving this late, as I'd like to allow the poor bird some sleep and rest first.

Folding up the piece of parchment, I laid it down on my desk. The hawk silently asleep on the pole. Picking up Boots, I crawled into bed and went back to sleep. My stomache in knots the entire time, as I wondered what I had just gotten myself into. And how the tribe was going to take to me spending a week, possibly longer(?), with werewolves.