chapter 3:

The sun that blazed down on my neck was torture. It was like tiny pens jabbing into my skin. My hair pulled back in a ponytail, giving it a slight breeze as swept from side to side. My lips were overly chapped, my throat screaming for water. The pounding in my head probably from dehydration. And every once in a while I would stumble from the long gash running down my leg from me running in the forrest from Alec. The lack of blood might also be a result of the pounding headache. Or maybe lack of food.

It'd over a week now since I crossed the line of the territory. I didn't dare walk into a resturant anymore than every other day, and even then I didn't order anything big. No matter how hungry I really was. And the gash that was only two days old, seemed to be getting more worse than better. I had changed into jeans and a dark blue shirt. My arm wrapped in cotton and guaze, and I reminded myself that I'd need to find a creek or something sometime soon. The sun was going down, and where a creek was. A big tree was usualy close by. And my legs ached from walking all day. The thought of having to search through this woods like a death sentence to my mind, but staying out in the open would never be an option.

Every step was on my right leg was like I rubbing salt water in it. The dirt that gathered over the day was disgusting, and I heard a small creek not to far. Ignoring the pain, I sped up my pace towards the noise. Gasping for breathe when I saw it, sweat running down my neck. It was like I had no more energy. Everything went blurry, as I grasped the tree next to me. Trying to get ride of the spinning, but it wasn't going anywhere. The pain was ripping through me, a pain so painful I had never felt anything like it before. A thousands worse than what John had done to me before kicking me out. This was like a fire that was burning me from the inside out, while spinning the ground underneath. I sat gasping for breathe, gagging but with no food in my stomache, it came out in painful dry heaves. Tears ran down my face, as I held back the ball in my throat.

Then, just out of nowhere, everything went black.