Door In the Woods

Chapter 1

Coming out of the Ran Library, Fallen and Eddie looked up at the quickly darkening sky. The storm had just blew in from the east. Fallen touched her necklace; the pendent was the shape of a tree. They walked quickly their messenger bags weighed down with books, computers and electronic music devices. Pulling their spring coats a bit closer to their bodies the wind raced though and around the older teens.

Their small town was called Jord, a name from the old myths. Eddie had always wondered why so many of the place names in the area were named for old Norse or Celtic gods. No one else seemed to notice this oddity. He asked his mother about it and she had shrugged unable to answer his question.

They turned to take the path back home walking though Lokewood, Fallen had to smile a little. She always loved being in these woods; she felt safe there. She knew the locals did not go in to the woods at night. They spoke of odd things that happened to people in the woods at night. One person spoke of a door that sometimes appeared. Where the door went no one knew, they feared the door. She personally did not understand their fear. Doors lead to different places.

Eddie watched Fallen out of the corner of his eye. His friend was quite different from the others in their circle. She believed in mythology, magic, fae and other things that most of their really logical friends scoffed at. He thought they were a bit silly. The crew played D&D and pretended to be these different beings and people, yet Fallen's beliefs were crazy. He shook his head. He personally disagreed with them and told them quite forcefully that their teasing of what she believed in better be teasing or he make them regret it. He could feel her eyes on him. He continued to walk quickly not wanting Fallen to get wet. She was wearing a white t-shirt under her jean jacket and he knew what would happen if that shirt got wet.

Lightening raced across the sky, Fallen walked quickly. She could smell the rain in the air, sharp and clean, fresh to her nose. She hoped it would hold off until they either got home or found shelter. She gazed sideways at her best friend Eddie he was walking quickly like she was. He was so tall. Dirty blond hair that was cropped military short. Deep blue eyes that seemed to see and read people with ease. There was no one at school that would meet his eyes. They feared his gaze something which she did not understand. He stood an entire foot taller than her. He was also lean and strong. She was having a hard time keeping the pace he was setting. He was really stretching his long legs. "Eddie please I know the storm is coming." She panted.

He looked at her with a small smile. "I am sorry short stuff I forgot that I walk faster than you."

She gave him a look she hated being called short stuff. "Ok stork man." She poked back at him verbally.

They stopped suddenly as the lightening flashed a door appearing in front of them. The path in front of them was empty one moment and the next it was filled with a closed door. They looked at each other. The door was standing before them, it looked like a normal door it was not attached to any building. The two walked around it.

Eddie touched it his fingers tracing the Celtic knot-work he found there. "Wow, I wonder why it appeared here? It is not night time yet."

Fallen was staring at the door her eyes wide. "Eddie remember my dreams?"

Eddie stopped touching the door and looked at his best friend. He remembered the dreams she been talking about. He looked at the door than back at her. She seemed a bit more odd than she normally felt to him. "If this is the door in your dreams."

"We are about to have a good-bad day." She said looking at him. She stood next to him looking up at him. She looked at the door she could feel the power racing though her. Fallen touched the door tracing the knot-work like Eddie had. Her hand rested on the doorknob. She looked at him pausing for a moment.

"Open it," Eddie answered her question, he straightened his shoulders. "I want to know if your dream is real too." He smirked lightly. "Plus what ever is on the other side of that has to be better that Mr Yun's math test tomorrow."

She laughed as she opened the door. They both walked though. Their stomachs dropped and they felt dizzy. They blinked the world around them was white. The door was gone. They stood knee deep in snow. The trees around them were covered in show and ice. "Wow, we need to find shelter."

"Yeah before we freeze to death." Eddie agreed. "Neither of us were prepared for a winter wold." He frowned as they both started to wade though the snow. What was knee deep for him was thigh deep to Fallen. They waded slowly though the snow. Eddie keeping his eyes peeled. He was the more wood-wise of the two of them. A squirrel looked down at them from a tree. The squirrel looked at him, ran ahead a bit than came back. Than ran ahead Eddie's eyes picking out the small lithe body. He grabbed Fallen's hand and started to follow the squirrel. She did not say anything she let Eddie drag her along. She had no clue and she felt totally lost and useless.

Eddie stopped looked at her. "You are not useless. I see something I think one of the animals here is trying to help." Fallen nodded. The two started once again to wade though. Fallen was getting tired from pushing though the snow. They been following the squirrel for hours. She stumbled her stamina waning. Eddie stopped looked at her and piggybacked Fallen carrying her on his back as he kept moving on. He did not know where this stamina he had was coming from he was not going to aruge with it. He knew they needed shelter and quick. Fallen was starting to feel cold.

Eddie frowned as they came into a clearing. There was a cabin nestled in the snow. The squirrel was sitting there and chattered at them. The door opened and a man stood there and looked at them, looked at the squirrel. His eyes focused on The young woman that was passed out on Eddie's back. "Get in here and get her next to the fire place boy."

Eddie obeyed only because he could feel Fallen shivering on his back. He walked past the man and went over to the fireplace. He placed her softly into the chair. He looked at their impromptu host. I am Eddie this is Fallen, thank you for allowing us to stop in and warm up." Eddie was worried Fallen was still out cold from being in the winter chill.

"I am Herne young man," Herne looked at the boy recognizing who the young man was. He was amused. "You and your companion are a little under-dressed. You are not from around here I would hazard a guess." He took in both young people's clothing. He knew they must be from Earth, Earth still had seasons while they were stuck in one season. He smiled a little. "I have supplies you and she will need." He held up a hand as he tucked the warm furs around Fallen. "Hospitality is a law here. You are strangers far from home and under-dressed. If I don't help you I will loose honor."

Eddie sighed as he sat in the chair across from Fallen. He did not realize how cold he was until the fire's heat worked though him and warmed him. "I did not even realize I was cold. I was more worried about Fallen." He accepted the fur that Herne draped around him helping him warm up.

"As soon as she wakes we will all talk about what you need and how you got here." Herne stated.

Fallen felt so warm she dreamed of a large fireplace that she was warming herself in front of. Her eyes opened and she saw a different fireplace in front of her. She looked over at Eddie. He was holding a steaming cup of tea. She could smell the lavender in the tea. "That smells good."

A cup appeared almost like magic in front of her. She took the cup it was quite warm. She sighed looking at the man who handed her the cup. "After you drink the tea I have some stew for you to eat. You will both sleep here. In the morning I will see you off with supplies and direction." She drank the cup of tea and she devoured the stew.

(This is just the barest of beginnings. I need to start working on it again. I need to be prodded, my photography takes a lot of my time, so my stories get a bit dusty. Help prod me along. The reward, more chapters up to five... The rest of the book will be published... So only releasing five chapters.)