"Vesta!" Garnet calls from down the hall. I can hear her coming, footsteps loud with rage at one person: me.

I roll my eyes and move my head up from my notebook. "Yeah?"

She stands in my bedroom doorway with a half burnt paper in her grasp. "Eh hem?"

"Ooh," I bite my lip. "That's bad."

Yeah, right. You had it coming, I think.

"And you have nothing to do with this?"

"Why would I?"

She flips her beautiful golden waves of hair. "Oh, I don't know. Lamp? Curtains? Part of Asia's tail?"

"Ok, one- I was practicing with the first two. Secondly, that cat was in my way. It interrupted me," I snap my fingers, sending a spark up. It soon dies out.

"She, not it. And she's a good girl; she wouldn't get in your way."

A large, fluffy cat walks in, rubbing against my doorframe. Garnet picks her up and rubs her against her red shirt. The ashes from the paper collect in the white feline's coat. I bend back and look at the sky blue wall.

"What's the matter with you?"

I look back at her. "Stay there for a moment."

She looks confused as I flick my wrist towards her, sending out a larger spark to her. As it's about to hit her, she disappears, the cat floating in air and moving left. She comes back. "Nice try."

"What was that?"

"Rule thirty: students cannot use their skills against one another."

The "rule" she talks about is part of 8-M14's Academy. It's not on Earth. No one lives there anymore. 8-M14 is its own planet, found to sustain life after Earth was destroyed in the late twenty-first century. Of course, living on another planet takes its toll: people picked up strange traits, such as invisibility at will, like Garnet, and controlling elements, like me.

We couldn't just do anything with these powers, though. Everyone's sent to stay at the Academy in our country, Wildesmead, at age five, released at age twenty-one. And it's not just trainers and students that know about our abilities; the planet does, too. Once or twice a year, we're selected by who improved much from the last contest. About twenty are chosen. You compete. You're fine if you get out in the first few rounds. You just go back and try to get in again the next time. Get into the finals and fail, you're the failure. An idiot. Useless. A shame to the school. And you can't try to get back into the Annual.

I've never been in any of the competitions. Garnet has been for the past six years, since we were nine. She's perfect. So bloody perfect, it's annoying. She's smart. She's pretty. She's all I'm not and will never be.

She sits down beside me on my bed as I continue my homework: filling out the form for the competition. The cat struggles out of her arms, but eventually gets through, strutting across the gray floor.

Dong! Dong! Dong! A bell rings from a nearby building. Garnet stands up. "Alright then, Blaze. Lights out."

Yep; sure. "Get out," I stand up for a moment and then throw myself back onto my bed. I lift up the notebook, ready to throw it at her.

She shuts off the light next to the doorframe, steps out, and closes the door softly. When I hear her footsteps go back to her room, I quietly snap my fingers. A flame appears on my fingertips.

Vesta Blaze- controlling elements, I write on the paper.

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