"You've got to stop this!" The woman cried out as she stepped into the once tidy living room which was now covered in blood and the person whom she aimed her statement at standing in the middle of slain bodies.

Taking a tentative step forward, she felt a lump form in her throat as she took a step into the rich crimson liquid. Usually she would care that the rusty liquid was seeping into the white hem of her expensive, labelled pants or that her pretty little shoes were now beyond repair but not today. No, all she cared about today was him.

She had never loved someone quite as much as she loved him, even after she found out about his secret - his addiction. It seemed that once she knew all about his dark secrets, she seemed to love him unconditionally.

"And how, may I ask, do you propose do I do that?" He snapped, feeling the foreign sensation of tears filling his eyes and a lump in his throat. With a sinister smile, he brought the gun that he loosely held in his hands up to his throat and she watched as he grazed the nozzle down the column of his neck. "Should I pull the trigger?" The question was asked on a whisper, the quiver the first sign of betrayal to his usually cool demeanour as his grip tightened on the trigger.

Holding out her hands; surprised at how steady they were when inside she felt like screaming; to show him that she did not plan on hurting him.

"No," she whispered and realised that she still did sound timid. "No. Suicide isn't the way," this time her tone was fiercer so he could sense that this situation was out of his control. The mere idea of losing him in such a cowardly manner was enough to break her heart.

This man standing before her was a strong man; a man that could achieve anything he put his mind too; a man that could charm his way out of any situation. This man was a serial killer. He had been for years and no one had ever learnt of his existence, never managed to put together his MO or notice the pattern or damage that he left in his wake. He had never allowed anyone into his life, no one had been important enough but then she had walked into his life.

"You've just got to control it."

"Fine," he responded as he made that final step that had them standing toe-to-toe. Raking his hands through her long ginger hair, he took hold of the ends and tipped her head back so that he could stare into her grey eyes while she stared back into his cold ones. "If suicide isn't the best way to end this demon inside of me then you need to pull the trigger." The words were said on a growl, the gun forced into her hands before he took a step back as he placed his hands onto the back of his head.

"No," she whispered as she stared down at the heavy weapon in her hand before looking back up at him, startled to see that his eyes had not moved from hers.

"I've already told you the basics, babe." He continued as if she had not interrupted. "In the forehead, it's instant and portrays a message of being cold and calculating, hence why it's called a hit. Then you have the heart. It's passionate, and most definitely the work of a lover so that would immediately lead anyone to you. Now the stomach," he chuckled coldly as he nodded his head, "that's torture. Your victim struggles for a good while, pain coursing through their body as their blood slowly oozes out of them. But don't forget the best part; you get to see the light turn out in their eyes."

The words hit her like a sledge hammer, her heart sobbing as she realised that no matter what she said to him he would never change. This was him. He hunted people and he enjoyed doing it. "I can't..."

Looking back down at the heavy piece of metal in her hands, she felt the hot tears fall heavily down her cheeks as she moved towards toward him and she felt her hand reaching out for something to hit him with. The unknown object hit his head with very little force; enough to break the skin but not enough to cause any serious damage. It did not take him long to twist her wrist around so that her grip was loosened on the item before he had her pushed up back against the wall, his hands around her throat while she stared at him in fear.

"Why can't you do it?" He demanded angrily of her, her hot breath teasing his cheek as her scent filled his nostrils as he pushed up against her. Despite the anger, she knew that he only wanted one thing from her right now and he could not help but growl as she gasped at his forceful movement, her head rolling back against the door. He was aware that it was the danger and the passion that turned her on, as well as turning him on. He had enjoyed finally finding someone that had understood, or at least a little bit. This woman crushed between him and the wall did not see him as the monster that he really was but instead she saw the person that he could be.

Closing her eyes, she whispered "I love you" even though she knew it was something they had never shared with each other before now. His eyes darkened with lust as he leant in and took hold of her lips, aggressively. The kiss was bruising, the hand not holding onto the gun got lost in her hair while tugging it as hard as he could which kept her releasing gasps; a mixture of pleasure and pain; against his lips, her body pressing against his in desperation. She needed him. She wanted him. He could sense it, he could smell it in the air and he could also feel how much he wanted her.

"Tell me, how could you love me after everything I did?" He whispered against her lips, the nozzle of the gun pressing into her abdomen as she looked at him. "I slit your best friend's throat and smiled as I ended up bathing in her blood." He described as he used a combination of his lips and teeth to tease along her jaw so that he could make it to her ear. "I can still hear her crying out for me to stop, convincing me that she would never report me to the police. She wouldn't say anything."

She whimpered against him as his fingertips tickled down her sides but she did not know whether it was thanks to his story-telling or because of the goose bumps prickling along her flesh at his touch. Closing eyes, she felt her hands tighten on his shoulders as she let tears fall at the thought of her lost friend and the glee that he had got from it. It was thanks to the murder of her best friend that she had met him. She had tracked him down. It was now her turn to be the hunter and she would be the first person to ever find him. Instead of ending her life he should have done, he had found himself falling for her and wanting her to be in his life. She was mesmerising.

"Do you want to know something else? She cried out your name. She was desperate for you to know that she loved you. I thought it was hot. She was my first lesbian," his fingers had now find their way into her trousers, caressing the folds with his fingers before teasing her core as he bit down on her lobe as she cried out in pleasure, "but I know now that that isn't true."

Aware that she should argue with him, demand for him to stop what he was doing and that they should talk to him, she attempted to push at his shoulders but there was no strength behind it. His fingers were teasing her into a gasping mess, her head thrown back against the wall where red marks had already started to form from when he had held her earlier but he could not help but think that she had never looked more beautiful. All the usual restraint she had was gone, his name escaping her lips in a small mantra which turned into a loud scream as he bit down; hard; on the column of ivory skin. Flicking his tongue over the spot, he smiled at the sweet salty taste as she came apart in his arms. Pressing her forehead against his, she ran her hands up and buried them into his short brown hair as she closed her eyes. She was struggling to catch her breath but she managed to force herself to whisper that she loved him. She wanted to reinforce it to him, let him know that she was no longer afraid of this anymore.

His answer to the utterance of love was to force the nozzle of the gun further into her abdomen. Noticing the wince, he just grinned evilly at her but she looked him straight in the eye despite the tears that were forming there.

After taking a deep breath, she reached down and took hold of his wrist as she smiled. "Do it," she whispered. For as long as they were together, her belief in him that he could change would be the one thing that left a high corpse rate behind them. Running her fingertips along the length of his hand, she leant in and pressed a kiss against his lips before whispering her demand once more. A tear slid across the curve of her right cheek as she rested her forehead against his. Pressing one last kiss against her lips, she heard the safety being taken off the gun...


I know, I keep saying that I wouldn't write anything new but I couldn't help but finally post this one shot. This has been collecting dust in my files for so many damned years that I thought it was time it saw some light. There's nothing to it. I was going to use it to create a one of a kind crime novel but decided that I couldn't make it work. I'd love to hear your thoughts.