A melancholy tune floated over the grey lonely mists and across the still salt water. One could not say from where it came, for it grew and echoed throughout the foggy world, seeming to come from everywhere yet no where at all. A lone ship drifted on the tide, it's sails loose and sagging for want of a wind they would not find. The song danced over the smooth dark planks and prickled at the sailors making them grow restless with unease. While the rolling waves rocked the ship and made a faint nose that was masked by the ever louder music. Some of the men aboard the merchant ship were mesmerized by the haunting tune, while it sent others shaking in their boots, for they had heard tales of the music within the mists. A plump man with a stern face and superior walk of a captain strode across the deck, one hand laid on the hilt of his rapier. "What's got ye all scared shitless?!" He roared at his timid crew. "Tis but a little song sung by another ship lost in these accursed mists same us."

An old man spoke up from his position at the rail. "This taint no ordinary mists. No ordinary song neither. Tis the Greywind that's got's the crew scared. Even those who know not of te old tales still feel something amiss with these ere waters."

"You're not but a craven bunch of fools!" shouted the captain. "The Greywind's but a story to frighten the whelps and apparently a crews of water brained sailors as well!" The tune had stopped during the captains tirade and the crew were to scared to even shake any longer. The captain glared down at the wide eyes and open mouths of the crew.

"What's got into you lot now?! Too scared to even piss yourselves?!" A cabin boy raised a shaking hand to point at something behind the captain at the prow of the ship. The imperious man made a half turn when a point of cold steel pressed at his throat. A huge grin spread across his captor's face.

"Oh, but can a story due this?" And the captain's blood sprayed out over the deck as the dagger pierced his throat.

A/N~ So this is the prologue for my story. Constructive criticisms welcomed. I also want to know if there is any interest in me continuing this on fiction press.