"If a broken arm doesn't heal correctly – you have to re-break it."
I stare into that room.
"And try again."

Sitting there. After all this time.

He smiles. "It doesn't hurt me."
Do you see me now?
"You want to know. How it feels?"
Through the glass.
"It doesn't hurt me."

I reach out
"You want to hear?"
but the guard grabs my arm.
"About the deal I'm making?"
He laughs

(want to go?)
I shake my head; and the guard leaves me alone.

The other chair scrapes

And if I only could
make a deal with God

paces around him
get him to switch
talking softly
our places

repeating the question
he doesn't seem to hear

be running up that road

his eyes are crazy

be running up that hill
be running up that building

the guard pulls me back

(He can't.)

if only I could
could only

"You don't want to hurt me."
see how deep the bullet lies.

"Tell me," looking up at the officer.
"We both matter"
"Don't we?"

come on.


some could
some could be

"– last chance."
he laughs

A gentle hand on my shoulder.
(You don't have to watch this. It's not your fault.)

"You want to hear?"

and if only I could
make a deal with God

(why torture yourself?)

through a glass darkly

if I were on the other side
I'd fight back

– wouldn't I?

Lyrics from Running up that Hill, Placebo