Everything's better in the blink of an eye.

Everything's different and you couldn't say why.

Everything changes and then everything breaks.

Everything suddenly becomes a mistake.

Everyone's watching and nobody cares.

Everyone's listening but no one compares.

Everyone asks you if you'll be ok.

Everyone leaves at the end of the day.

Everything's shining and everything's bright.

Everything's happy and you're full of delight.

Everything screams that the world is ok.

Everything won't keep the monsters at bay.

Everyone's looking at nothing at all.

Everyone's standing there, watching you fall.

Everyone wants to believe they're worse off.

Everyone tells you you're wrong with a scoff.

Nothing will ever be shining again.

Everything's fake, it was all just pretend.

Nothing is perfect, it'll all be alright.

Everything's worth it if you're willing to fight.