The chill in the air on a fall afternoon.

The knowledge that you will be going home soon.

The call from a friend when a friend is in need.

The place by the fire with a good book to read.

A sunset in August when you're out with your friends.

A child on the swing set who's playing pretend.

A rich chocolate cake and a big glass of milk.

A new pair of pajamas, softer than silk.

The look on her face when he asked for her hand.

The feeling of pride when he started his band.

The gentle embrace of someone whom you love.

The soft, drifting snow coming down from above.

A moment of silence right after the song.

A time in your life when you found you were wrong.

A day when everything turned out ok.

A path that you found when you started to stray.

The feeling of raindrops when you're feeling sad.

The bright sun that's shining when you're feeling glad.

The knowledge that someday, you'll make it out fine.

That of all of the poems, this poem is mine.