Anna, truthfully, didn't imagine that she'd be walking for miles down the same road, pulling a rolling suitcase behind her. At this rate, her parents would come home and find her missing. She needed to escape- and fast. Every car that had passed on by had ignored the teen, the driver's not even taking a second glance at the girl. She had been walking for nearly an hour and a half and was beginning to get tired.

Anna finally went to a halt, using her suitcase as body support and sighed; things weren't looking so good for her. She wiped the sweat from her forehead then tugged at her clothing that was beginning to stick to her skin. The brunette was considering just turning around for a few seconds; she mentally slapped herself. She can't turn back now! She's made it this far, right?

She'll just have to make people stop for her. The woman decided that the next car that was driving down the road, she would rush into the middle of the road. Naturally, this wasn't safe, but she was becoming desperate; she was willing to do anything to leave this miserable place. And so she waited. She was waiting for a good seven minutes before a vehicle had come into view.

Without a second thought, she dragged her luggage with her into the center of the road and stood there with her thumb jerked up. Anna locked eye contact with the driver who had slammed his foot onto the breaks and the car screeched until it stopped only a few feet away from the girl. She blinked, surprised that he had stopped. She half-expected him to run her over or dangerously swerve off the road.

The bald man opened the car door and stepped out, his beard greasy from the hamburger he was munching on. Using his right arm, he wiped the grease off of his beard and then stuffed the rest of the burger in his mouth. With his mouth full, he asked, "Wh'r 'a hadin'?"

Anna didn't understand a word the man had said and instead gave him a blank look.

He swallowed his food and repeated, "Where ya headin'?"

"Far." she shrugged, crossing her arms, uncomfortable under his gaze.

"I'm going there," he replied, gesturing for her to get in, "ya can hitch a ride."

"Thank you, sir!" Anna beamed, going to opposite side of the car and scrambling inside with her suitcase. Her face paled as soon as she saw the car. It was covered in porn magazines and food. She was disgusted. The girl scooted as far as she could from the nearest magazine and awkwardly sat, occupying herself with glancing out the dirt-stained windows.

"Ya runnin' away or somethin'?" the man asked, unwrapping another hamburger as he steered.

"Of course not!" she let out a forced laugh, "I love my family. I'm just visiting… my grandmother."

"Sure, kid," the man rolled his eyes, his tone doubtful. His eyes darted towards her, "Y'know, dangerous thing for ya to do to get in the car with a stranger."

"Um. Yeah…" she averted her eyes, zipping up her sweater, feeling exposed.

"Things could happen…"

"Uh-huh." she sunk down in her seat and tried to avoid any more conversation. The man was kind of creepy. Anna shifted in her seat and reached into her suitcase to find her book to read. As soon as she found her novel, she busied herself with it, refusing to look away from the pages. She could feel his eyes on her. The girl decided that at the next stop, she'd get off and find a different ride. And so the two drove in silence for hours until the sun had set.

Pretty soon, Anna had no choice, but to leave the book and put it away; there was no light for her left to use. She scratched her arm and stretched, took one look out the window and said, "This is my stop."

"….A rest stop?"

"Yeah. This is where my grandma meeting me." Anna hoped that he couldn't see through that lie. She just wanted to get out of the musky car.

"Right, hon."


Anna clutched onto her suitcase handle, an uneasy feeling overwhelming her. She bit her lip, letting one hand leave the plastic to reach into her pocket, ensuring that her pepper spray can was still in place. The car turned into the small empty parking lot and parked.

Anna swallowed; this wasn't good. No, no, no, no…

She pushed open her car door and jumped out, quickly. She turned to the man who was getting out of the car as well and laughed, nervously, "She' s not here yet, actually. But I'm fine on my own so you can, uh, leave now."

The bald man remained silent and instead advanced swiftly over to her. As he did so, she stumbled backwards, her heart pounding.

She shouldn't had gotten into the car with him. Oh Lord, please no. This would prove to be her worst mistake…

Anna soon felt the cool, rough texture of brick on her hands and knew that she was trapped. The large bald stranger was now literally inches away from her face, flashing his crooked, stained yellow teeth. She winced as she smelt the alcohol on his breath.

Wait. Pepper spray.

Pepper spray.

Her hand flew to her pocket and whipped out the can, shaking it before pressing the nozzle and spraying the substance in the pervert's face. Immediately after she sprayed, she gave a hard kick to the groin, then took off down the parking lot, luggage in tow. Anna was now at a full sprint into the night, only relying on the various streetlights to show her the way. From behind, she could hear the shouts and curses from the creeper who was now chasing after her.

Frantically, Anna made a sharp turn, deciding to cross the street, not bothering to look for any cars before crossing. The sound of honking rung through her ears and startled, the girl halted in the center of the street she was crossing, in time to see a car driving straight towards her.

Anna knew that she was going to die. Her first attempt in the real world and she couldn't last a day. She squeezed her eyes shut, bracing herself for the impact.

However, the pain never hit and instead she heard a young man's voice yelling at her. She slowly opened her eyes, blinking to adjust to the bright lights shining from the car.

"What the hell are you doing?!" he shouted to her from inside the car.

"I, um." she wasn't sure how to respond.

"Hey, kid!" her attention snapped to the stranger who was chasing her, now catching up. His eyes were blood-shot from the spray.

Frantic, Anna turned her attention back to the driver, "Quick! Give me a ride!"


He didn't have time to protest any more, as Anna opened the passenger and threw herself into the seat. "Drive!"

"Are you insane?! Get out!"

She turned and locked the car door before shouting in reply, "No! Just drive, you can drop me off later!"

The man gave her a cold stare, "This is my car; not yours. I don't even know you!"

"Please?!" She whirled around; the pervert was getting far too close. "Come on, just for a little bit!"

"Find somebody else!" he reached to press the unlock button in the car. "I don't have time for hitchhikers right now."

"You can't be serious!"

"I am!"

The stranger had reached the car and began pounding on the window.

Anna shrank back, trying her best to get as far as she could from the window. "Please?"

"Shit," the driver muttered before finally agreeing, "Alright."

He quickly added, "Only because this idiot will ruin my windows."

Anna threw her arms up with a cheer. "Wooo! Thanks, man!"

"Yeah, yeah. Put your seat belt on."

The man slammed his foot on the gas and the car accelerated, leaving the pervert behind.

"Thanks, you really saved me there." she grinned, relieved.

"Don't mention it." The guy's hands were gripping the steering wheel tightly, his knuckles white. "Where are you going?"

"Um...anywhere, I guess." Anna shrugged.

He glanced at her. "You're kidding."

"No-pe." she popped the 'p'. "I just want to go pretty far."

"Far? What are you, running away?"

"Yeah, actually." she replied, casual.

"...I don't need to hear the details."

Anna stuck her tongue out. "Good, because I don't wanna tell you."

He rolled his eyes in reply and returned his focus to just driving.

Anna, feeling much more comfortable with this driver, asked, "So what's your name?"


"Adam what?"

"None of your business."

She slumped down in her seat. "Well fine. I'm Anna, if you care."

"I don't."

"You're grumpy." she commented, leaning back in her seat.

"What?" he made a face, thinking he had heard her wrong.

"You're grumpy."

Adam gave her an incredulous look before rolling his eyes and paying attention to the road once more. They sat in an awkward silence. It wasn't as awkward for her in the last car as it was this one, but she still felt a tension.

"Where are you going, Adam?"

"A place."

"Where, though?"

He turned his head and gave her a sardonic smirk. "Anywhere."