Prologue: Horrid fate

Rain; fell from the midnight skies of the Luke warm May months. A child seven years of age ran through a corn field, being chased from his home by a madman that had taken the lives of his parents before his eyes. Blood gushed from the gun wound on the boy's shoulders, pain roaring in his body. His lungs an inferno; sweat on his brow, panting for breath as his mind was screaming to find help. Turning from one path in the patch to the other, the corn field seemed as if though it were a never ending maze. A maze of life and death hanging in the balance, would he make it through the night? Would he get help and live? Or will the mysterious gunman catch up with him sealing his fate as he had done his parents who tried to protect him from the fate that cost them their lives. Tears streamed down his face from fear of what he had just witnessed, his legs hurt but he knew he couldn't stop running now, not when so much was on the line. His mother's last words before the mysterious gunman found their hiding spot was, "Run Jayson, and don' look back. I love you, always remember that."

The vision of his mother's killing ran through his mind like a racing train nearly coming from the tracks, the image would not disappear they only grew more vague, and played like a horror movie with every tear that traveled down his pale milky white skin, from innocent and hurt blue eyes as light as the summer skies. His clothes wet from the rain that poured angrily from the heavens above. The further Jayson wondered into to the corn field maze, the darker everything got; his fears were starting to surface. He wanted to scream for help in hopes someone would hear his pleas. The eerie sound of the coyote's howling in the distance made him feel more uneasy with every passing second, the sounds of a nearby owl waiting for its prey could be heard from above.

A large rock blocked Jayson's path from the patch to freedom, but due to the midnight light the child failed to see the stone, running at it no slowing down, the coconut brown haired boy fell after the front of his shoe came in contact with the stone. Falling in the cold waters of the mud puddle, he heard a ringing in his left ear from the fall rising to his feet he began his run once more.

Seeing something bright ahead of him, was it paradise? Was it someone's home that could help him from the troubles that he just escaped from? His legs quickened from a jog to a sprint, then went to a complete run. He had finally escaped the corn patch, shadow figures came to the front porch. Jayson got to the couple his heart calming down as minutes passed; he knew where he was now. He had run from his home through the unforgiving corn patch to the rich farmer that was friends with his parents, Hank and Ava Cross. Ava ran to the boy who threw himself into her waiting arms sobbing over the events that had occurred recently.

"What has you all upset, Jayson? It's too late to be running in the middle of the night without you're parents, Hank go call Jayson's parents and tell them that we found their son, surely they are worried sick about this little darlin." Ava looked at her husband Hank who looked at Jayson then at her.

"Ava, let the boy come in for some toasted bread on egg whites and hot milk, I don't think the boy would just run away from his family through our corn patch I think something is wrong…," Hank froze looking at the blood coming from Jayson's shoulder, "Something tragic happened to this child, let's get him a hot bath and clean up his injuries."

Ava looked at the wound on Jayson's right shoulder picking the sobbing child up as the three of them went inside the house closing the wooden door locking it tight.