Jayson, stared out the back of the Ford Focus at the small town of Ashoka. The town was more of a city than his home place back in Falcon Village. The weather was ice cold due to the blanket of white snow on its grounds. The heat in the car keeping him warm through his black sweater, and black jeans, as the small family of three past through majestic town of Ashoka, they found out one thing for sure. The town was classy, its homes made of brick and some made of log. Jayson looked at the goodbye card from his friends in Falcon their signatures and farewells filled its pale aqua surface with a variety of colorful cartoon characters on its cover. The signatures where in many colors ranging from royal blue cursive writing to, midnight black ink some writing in cursive and writing that was printed and sloppy, that probably reflected the student that wrote it's personality.

"It's a beautiful place isn't sweetheart?" Ava glanced over her left shoulder to look at the passenger riding in the seat midways of the backseat.

Jayson looked up from the card and stated quietly, "It's different."

The blond driver looked at the rear view mirror at the teen, "Cheer up, son. I'm sure there will be teens you can interact with that are into the whole black clothes dress-code, that you do all the time." The father was not sure how to go about his son's sadness, he had never been around the teen long enough to know if this was the saddest he had ever been, or if there was a level higher than feeling like dirt.

The blackberry-hair colored woman smiled and stated, "Your father is right sweetie, you are a friendly person, I'm sure you will find loads of friends in this school."

"You may even have your first real girlfriend, new places brings new wonders." Hank stated as he pulled into the shoveled drive way of a condo of many windows. "Here we are."

The family got out of the Ford Focus and walked to the white wax door with a fancy brass door knob, opening the door. Jayson saw their stuff was already in the large sitting room, walking further into the living room he looked out the ceiling high window and saw houses lined up for miles. Turning around card still in hand he walked to the center of the large room to see the walls where made of fine porcelain, a tall and wide white marble fireplace rested against the wall.

A white leather circular sofa sat in the center of the room, next to it was a marble legged glass surfaced table with a white lamp and sheer black shade sitting on top of it.

"This place is beautiful Hank, and it is really large. I almost forgot what it was like to live in a huge home since you went on your farming phase." Ava stated a smile showed in her voice.

The teen walked past them to the outdoors looking as a group of teenagers played basketball, walking over to a black viper he walked around it touching it, "I see you found your Christmas present, why don't you try it out while your mother and I get settled in."

Tossing the keys to his son who barely caught them looked at his father opening the door sliding into the car closing the door, relaxing in his first car; the car smelt of pecans and vanilla. Putting the keys into the ignition he started it up as it roared to life as he drove to look around his new home town.

Passing many buildings but none really interested him, until one caught his eye. It was a large brown bricked Library. Looking for a parking place he parked his new car opening the door stepping out closing it but not before locking it. Placing the keys on the loop latch that hung from his belt he, walked into the large building. The library had many shelves of books, he was greeted by a voice from behind the desk, "Welcome to Ashoka Library, do you have a library card or are you interested in getting books to take out."

Jayson walked over to the desk, the librarian was an elderly lady, and wrinkles covered her milky white skin, her eyes a pale green due to age, her long white hair fixed in an average bun. Her clothes were a cotton white dress long in length with a white apron.

"Sure, how much are Library cards?" Jayson asked looking at the elder woman.

Looking at the computer getting a white plastic card with a silver logo on the front, she stated, "You can purchase a card for a dollar."

Jayson looked from the woman getting into his pocket getting his wallet getting a dollar bill handing it to her, "Thank you, take a look at our books your card will be ready when you are ready to leave."

The woman took the money as Jayson walked away from her deeper into the huge library. Finding the book he wanted he sat at the table with his book titled, 'Cry to the Heavens' written by one of his favorite authors Anne Rice.

Opening the book laying it gently on the wooden table as he started to read it, it wasn't long in his read that he heard a gentle voice say, "You're the only guy that comes here, and my name is Alice Manchester…what's your name?"

The teen stared from the book and looked at the golden haired girl with innocent sky blue eyes, her attire was a black wool dress with black sheer hoes and black boots. "I'm Jayson Cross, I just moved here from Falcon today."

"I could tell you come from farm lands, your skin is tanned. It must be nice to come to new places and explore places and meet new people." Alice stated with a gentle smile.

Jayson looked at the table then at the newcomer, "I'm naturally tanned, and my parents were Indian."

Alice still wore a smile as she tilted her head and stated, "You're an Indian first one we have in this town though the town was discovered and named by the Indians they were run out of this town many years ago, but we never changed the name. What culture of Indian are you?"

"Shawnee." Jayson looked back at the book as he closed it standing up gathering the book in his arms.

Alice walked beside him to get his card and check out his book. The two walked out of the Library and Alice said," Will you be attending Ashoka High?"

Jayson looked at her and stated, "It's my last year of school, and I'll be a senior."

"I'll be a junior, one grade below yours, we should hang out sometime, my folks moved here a week ago so this place is new to me to, I just enjoy hanging out at the library." The blond stated her eyes not moving from the young man before her.

Jayson asked, "Its dreadfully cold out and you're in a dress, would you like to go to my car to warm up before you get frostbit? I'm just looking around town you can join me if you want."

Alice smiled and said, "Thank you for the offer, but my father would get really mad at me if I accepted a ride from someone he doesn't know. My parents are strict, well my mom not so much my dad is strict enough for the both of them."

Jayson nodded his head as Alice waved and skipped out of the parking lot of the library. The teen boy walked to his car unlocking it getting in placing his card in the dashboard and his book in the passenger's seat. Closing his door he started his car and left the library.

He drove in the direction that his new home was, upon arriving he parked his car next to his parents Focus getting his book getting from the car locking it going in the home.

"Did you have a good drive sweetheart?" Ava asked as Jayson took his shoes off at the door.

Jayson looked at her and stated, "I borrowed a new book from the library that's mostly all I done while I was out was read at the library."

Hank stated, "That's great son, at least you found somewhere you can go, to get out of the house instead of being stuck in the house all the time."

"Yeah, I'm going to lie down, I'm feeling tired." Jayson stated as he walked to the couch laying his book on the coffee table that was placed in front of the couch since his departure and return lying on the couch closing his eyes soon falling asleep.