"We have to run away from them!"

"No, we have to stop! Sooner or later...we'll die. No one else will survive."

"We still have a chance!"

"What chance do we have...Miki committed suicide, Rei got killed, and Eru sacrificed herself to save us. This is it!"

"No! It will never be! We'll keep holding onto their beats!"

The Girls Dead Monster - 1 -

Chapter 1 - The Magical Girl with the Axe Guitar

Today was finally the first year of high school

I sat in the auditorium in the opening ceremony of the school. After the ceremony, i headed to my new class. I finally thought, i have to make a difference. I can't slack off or i'll miss out on my memories. I greeted my teacher, Ms. Tomoe with a smile and sat in a seat.

"Good Morning Students! This year, you will have many new experiences." Ms. Tomoe said.

By new experiences, i thought of relationships and drama, right? That's what pops into your head when you enter high school...but somehow i was wrong. She then told us to introduce yourself. Otanaki Hibara, Yosei Mei, Konoe Yuko and Miyagi Natsu were the names i heard. Finally came the time for me to present myself.

"My name is Sayuri Isawa from Akazaka Junior High."

As i introduced myself, a really pretty girl walked in.

"My apology, i got lost in this school. Its my first time coming to a Japanese school." the girl explained.

"Well, please present yourself then, foreigner."

"I am Tomoko Kawase from New York City, New York, US."

i was surprised! She said she was a foreigner, but she's still Japanese! And she's from a famous city over seas.

'Ahem, well Kawase-san, please take a seat." She sat next to me.

"Oh my gosh! You look so pretty!"

"...Don't talk to me." she was cruelly. It was very cold of her to say that, but i still felt like my heartbeats are dancing when hearing her voice.

The first day of school was over. It was after school now, but since my mom was going to take awhile, i stayed and helped out my sensei.

I made a couple of friends, but i hanged out with my middle school friend, Tsumiki Aoi.

"Are we going to give these papers to Mr. Komotsu."

"Yeah we have to! Ms. Tomoe said that these are the papers from the 8th grade exams! He's the one to check them and i think mine is in this pile!" I said.

As we walked through the desolate hallways, the end of the hallway looked bizarre...as if it was a portal or something. I didn't tell Tsumiki because she would of thought that i was delusional, so we continued to walk. When we entered the weird spot, the sky outside was red instead of the usual orange sunset sky.

"...Yuri..." Tsumiki said to me.


"Am i the only one who sees them..."


"The zombies..." I turned around and saw the UNDEAD! This isn't possible, is it? This had to be a dream! It's a dream! I said. Tsumiki and i ran inside a classroom for safety. It was no use.

"Yuri! I'll protect you!"

"No! Wait!"

Suddenly, a cunningly fast figure appeared and killed the four zombies. She looked like the girl in my homeroom, Tomoko Kawase. As she turned around, it was her.

"Are you alright! I killed them off, but i still got 1 more to go."

"You're THAT GIRL!" Tsumiki said. I was partially confused if they new each other before here.

"I don't know what you mean, but leave me alone to do my job. I bring you back home as im done."

She ran out of the hallway and sliced a zombie in half with an axe...guitar?! It was gruesome, but it was also awesome.

"DONE! i finally obtained 5 beads." she looked back at us. "How did you two get in here, only the ones with the magical potential could enter."

Tsumiki and i shook our heads, "We don't know. We were delivering papers to a teacher and suddenly found ourselfs here."

She sighed and a girl with puffy pink pigtails walked in, "You must be the chosen magical girls. Why don't you join and help us out?"

"No, Eru...we can't...they'll..." she stopped her sentence.

"Don't worry about it! So how about it?"

Tsumiki and I were thinking that this was a dream, so our delusional selfs agreed and we chained to being magical girls with a magical jewel.

Tomoko wasn't so cheery about us being magical girls for some reason.

But to officially become magical girls, we had to complete a test!