You've built up this fragile world made of twisted pieces of truth, this glittering, ideal world. Your shining crown gem: them. The person you've spent all this time with, the person you've spent all your energy on. You've given them a piece of your heart, a star role in your play, a key place in your palace. They refuse. That's all it takes, but they refuse and then some. They tell you this was all a fantasy, they force you to see the truth you've so carefully avoided. Your world comes crashing down to your feet, shards of truth breaking as they hit the floor, shattering beyond recognition. You stand there, at the center of the wreckage, staring at your untruths, and you cannot help but cry. And you try to climb over the rubble, shards working deep into your heart, and you see them there, stretch out your hand and cry to them. You beg for help.

They refuse.