its like a movie
playing over in my head,
i see a girl exposed,
tied to a bed

i see the man
undoing his belt,
i imagine the fear
she must have felt

i see him enter,
i hear her scream,
begging for it
to be a bad dream

the man penetrates,
getting off on her pleas,
he undoes her wrists
and urges her to her knees

experiencing pain she never knew,
shes totally violated,
every pleasure
totally anhillated

with his every thrust,
i feel the pain
deep in my tummy,
and i cant refrain.

i scream when she does,
cry with her every tear,
feel every penetration,
feel every fear

the way he hurts her
makes me cry
the way i feel everything
makes me want to die

it plays over and over,
how he thanks her for the fuck,
how he smiles,
and wishes her the best of luck

i remember the pain,
how bad i hurt,
the way i felt like a whore,
degraded, like dirt.