Lisa here… So, have you made up your mind about the trip to Hawaii? Most of the Grade 7s are going. Sally and I are going, too. Please tell me you're coming! It won't be the same without you! Btw I got to go, bye!

Regards, Lisa

Crystal's POV

"Mom! My friends are asking if I can go to Hawaii. I can, right?" I shouted to my mom from my room. After I checked my email, I decided it's the right time to ask. It's been a whole week since the announcement of the retreat is made, but I was too nervous to ask, but I guess I don't have any choice but to ask, anyway.

"What? You have a retreat to Hawaii? Is it just announced today? Where's the slip?" she asked loudly. She's in the kitchen, so I need to shout and she did too.

"Well, actually, It's announced Monday." I replied guiltily, going down the stairs and into the kitchen. She raised her eyebrows and called Jack, Sam, and Lily, my annoying family, to come and eat.

"So can I go?" I asked while eating. My mother sighed. She knew I wouldn't take no for an answer and would keep asking if she did that.

"Are your friends coming?" she asked. I nodded, crossing my fingers under the table.

She sighed again. "fine." She finally replied. I smiled really big for the entire dinner. When I'm done, I ran towards my room to text my friends using my blackberry.

Crystal012: Heyyyy! Guess what!

Lisanna*Simson: -_-" Just tell us already!

Sally777: Heyy!

Crystal012: Geez! Someone's in a bad mood -_-

Lisanna*Simson: Grrrr….

Crystal012: -_-"… anyway, I finally asked my mom, and she said yes!

Sally777: Really? Woohooo! I can't wait! The retreat is next week, right?

Lisanna*Simson: Yes. It's on Tuesday. Can't wait!

Sally777: Btw I gtg study, byee!

Sally777 just left the conversation.

Lisanna*Simson: me too, bye.

Lisanna*Simson just left the conversation.

As I closed my phone, I opened my science book for a test tomorrow, but can't concentrate. I'm always like that. I can't concentrate in studying if I have good news, and can only get something inside my head if it was on the last minute.

" Everyone, Line up please! We won't be able to do anything like this!" Shouted the principle of my school,Spring Field. It was Tuesday already, the day of the trip to Hawaii and my friends and I are bristling in excitement.

On the whole trip to Hawaii, I chatted with my best friends about what we'll be able to do together. Finally, after hours of riding in an airplane, we arrived in Hawaii!

My best friends and I screeched in delight as our tour guide explained about the places we're going to visit, and so we did not listen very well, which leads to a huge problem later on.

There are 2 buses that would take everyone to the hotel, but Sally wants to go to the toilet first, and so we accompanied her. Thinking that they wouldn't leave without us, we did not hurry at all, and also because it's still 12 noon.

When we finally got out, we found out that all the buses were gone!

"Where are all the buses? Please don't tell me they left without us!" Lisa exclaimed worriedly.

Sally, whose face is now pale, stammere ,"T-they left us! And w-we wouldn't know which hotel because we didn't listen!"

I gasped. As much as I wanted her to be wrong, I knew it was true. There are so many people joining that they wouldn't notice our disappearance until…night!

"I-i think we should ask the airport people. They might know." I said.

We asked ever person working in the airport, but strangely, no one knows which hotel we checked in. There is only one word to describe our situation now. Lost!

"Maybe we should try walking around and asking people outside the airport." I suggested. Without waiting for a reply, I ran out to try to find the nearest hotel but there was none in sight.

We walked in a direction, not knowing where to go, but trying to find a hotel. We asked everyone we see, but no one knows where the buses are. In the end, we ended up in a small motel with money enough for a night, and settled in, trying not to be scared. In the motel, Lisa found a tiki necklace and wore it.

We were all tired from the journey, but the tiki Lisa's wearing looks creepy, and I can't sleep while looking at it. In the end though, tiredness washed over me and my eyelids dropped.

"Crystal, wake up!" Sally shouted. She was squirting water on my face. I took a towel, wiped my drenched face, and threw it in Sally's direction.

"Enough playing around! Crystal, take a bath now and we'll go search again!" Lisa shouted. She's bossy, like me, but kind.

I took a quick shower and we loaded our supplies in our bag. Then, we checked out and ask for directions again. After asking so many people but with no useful answers, we are getting close to giving up. This trip isn't as fun as I thought!

We arrived at a small bar near the beach and ordered some food. While waiting for it to come, we tried to ask directions again. Before long, we stood in front of an old man.

"Sir, have you seen 2 buses go by yesterday? If you have, can you tell us where?" Sally asked politely. The man studied us and narrowed his eyes when he looked at the tiki necklace and gasped.

"Where did you get that?" he asked loudly, "That tiki! It can demolish an ancient curse! You three! You are the chosen ones!"He pointed a crooked finger at us.

"What on earth are you talking about? I found this tiki in a motel!" Lisa said.

"Ah, you young women. You don't know what it is, but still took it. Come." He said.

We took our food and followed him. We soon arrived to an old hut. We followed him inside and looked around. There are creepy things all over the place. The man took a scroll, opened it, and let us read it. It said:

A curse was put on the island of Secrets. It is a terrible curse, but there is a way to stop it. Fate will choose three young girls and lead them to destroy it. But if it is still alive in the thousandth year, dark forces will emerge and the precious island of Secrets will be destroyed! There is only one way to prevent this, and that is the chosen ones. Oh, but beware, chosen ones! The curse will destroy you in any way they can, bringing the broken past and illusions of the future of your beloved ones!

I shivered as soon as I finished reading. Everyone knows that Hawaii was used to be called the island of Secrets!

"I was given a description of the chosen ones. It said that one is jolly, excited, easily scared. The second is the one who finds the tiki. She is bossy, fierce, and isn't easily scared. The third one is bossy too, scared but never showed sign of it, worried, observative, and easily convinced." The man said. I'm having a cold shower now. I knew I was the third, Lisa the second, and Sally the first. But it couldn't be us, could it?

"W-what can we do to break the curse?" Sally stammered.

The old man shuffled around and took another scroll.

"This map will guide you. It is the map of the ancient island of Secrets. There is a mountain east of here, called The Creeps. There is a cave there, where the curse is once made. All you have to do is put the tiki on a stone that you will know when the time comes, then the curse will be broken. But there is a condition. You must be together, and remember, this is two days before the thousandth year of the curse. It will happen when the Sun appears." He warned," and if you're in trouble, believe in each other and you'll have power to destroy it."

He gave us supplies and a tent, and we started our journey. After a while, we arrived at the foot of the mountain.

"Well, let's go up." Lisa said uncertainly. She walked in front and Sally in the back. We hiked till night comes, and Lisa decided that we need to take a rest. Sally is in charge of the tent, Lisa in charge of food, and I am in charge of the bonfire.

After a while, we've done our jobs and ate some berries while studying the map. We are more than half way to the cave! When we're done, we went to the tent and slept.

I dreamed about my friends. We are playing together, when suddenly they change forms into monsters trying to grab me. I took a knife and was ready to stab one, when…

"Crystal!" Sally screamed. I woke up and found out that I am holding a knife but instead of pointing it to a monster, I was pointing it to Lisa! She was awake and looked at me with a pale face.

"What on earth are you doing?!" Sally shouted. I dropped the knife and I realized that the forces the old man was talking about is infecting my dreams.

"I-i had a dream that you both were monsters and I'm trying to kill one! I think the dark forces are infecting our dreams!" I said, bewildered.

"Let's keep walking. We only have one day left." Lisa reminded. We walked and walked for the whole day, and at 5 o'clock in the morning, we finally arrived at the cave! It is one hour before the Sun appears, and so we must hurry.

"We have to put the tiki together. Sally, Crystal! Put your hands on the tiki with me." Lisa ordered. We advanced together and saw a boulder with a stand on top but nothing on it, and we immediately know that it's the place to put the tiki.

We are really close to it when suddenly, a black smoke appeared and it shifted into a person! It was a ghastly man with fangs and hair covered in gel. He is using a black cape but his face color is pale.

Well, well. Who do we have here? The chosen ones?" he creaked, and cackled,"Well, I'm not going to let you destroy my curse!" He flew past us and made us drop the tiki and it was stuck between two rocks.

"Your curse?" I asked curiously.

"Yes! Didn't the old man tell you? Well, let me start from the beginning. When I was small, everyone teased me because I'm so pale, except the old man, Galf. He's my best friend. So when I'm big, I found out I'm a wizard. A bad one. So, I put a curse on the island so the boys will suffer! But Galf did not agree. He tried to find ways to destroy the curse, and so we stopped being friends. Now, I'm going to succeed!" he cackled again.

"No you won't!" Lisa replied bravely. She took a knife and started slashing it towards him, but he's made of smoke, so she can't hurt him. He opened his cape and bats fly towards her, making her crouch. We looked at him in amazement, thinking of how to defeat him.

Suddenly, I remembered what Galf had said, If you're in trouble, believe in each other and you'll have power to destroy it.

I told Sally about that, and we shouted to Lisa. We went towards her and grab her, hold hands and thought of our friendship. Suddenly, we started glowing, which made the man scared. Then, we started attacking him with balls of fire that somehow appeared in our hands. After some time, he finally crippled and disappeared.

I saw my watch. Ten seconds to dawn. I shouted to my friends. We tried taking the tiki out. It took five seconds. We ran towards the boulder. 5,4,3,2… 1! On 1, we attached it to the boulder! The curse is broken! Hawaii is safe!

We high fived each other and, though the way down the mountain is long and tiring, we were very happy.

We met the old man who thanked us, and had apparently called our school's principal! Before we go, the old man gave each of us a precious stone and made us promise not to tell anyone about this. And so after that the three of us enjoyed the trip together, as best friends. Until…