When does love ever matter?

But I knew you would regret it after,

The touch on my cheek,

Your sloppy fingers putting me at my peak.

I shudder, you're a monstrous adder.

It felt suffocating, it's intoxicating.

The lies you whispered on my ear,

It is not exactly what I want to hear.

The empty promises, the broken premises.

I'm afraid of being different.

So please stop being so belligerent.

Your death becomes you, my dear.

You had relinquished the very thing I fear.

Your veins an excuse of empty tributaries.

That pale blue face no longer a collection of pink strawberries.

It's a beautiful night.

Your pretty suffering so beautiful to my sight.

You never looked so harmless before.

But that only makes me long for you ever more.

Good night, sweet darling.

Good night, precious sweetling.