Introducing... me, Stephie May

I Look in a Mirror

I cause an event that could
change life as I know it

A birthday to remember

The truth is revealed

The story unfolds… literally

We are stolen as help

I find my brother, along with Sense

We're helped by the glittering fairy of Wonder

We go on a hunt

We learn the meaning

A map is found

We get lost (again)

We learn useless Hocus-pocus

I meet my evil never known twin

The Hocus-Pocus isn't so useless

My family values come into play

We escape with our lives

We're guided by the childhood

The path is revealed

We play a little game called shadows

We're thrown in prison

We escape with our lives… again

The first epic battle

We restore Wunderlande… at least part of it (sigh)

We're showered with fabulous gifts

The story comes to a close… again, literally


'Ladies and Gentlemen, The time has come, once again, for the box of Wunder to shower us with its words of wisdom at last,' said the sweet voice of Ariadne to the People of Wunderlande, who were now whispering happily and loudly to each other in anticipation.
'As of usual, should the box predict disaster, we ask that you remain calm. We shall do whatever we can to protect Wunderlande from the box's words. Let's hope for another good year! Now, Ariadne, if you please...' Said Fynnese calmly. The box was protected by many spells and enchantments from Ariadne to prevent the box from shattering, and is one of the grandest and most important treasures in Wunderlande. Now, the dark forces of Wunderlande were stirring, and the box could feel this powerful source stirring from its prison deep underground.

The box of Wunder was a small ornate crystal music box, and speaks prophecies for Wunderlande. Most of which are always about how well the crops would grow, how well the weather would be, anything like that, and the people were hoping for the best as always.

The room fell silent as the golden lid lifted, and a sweet voice said;

The land of Wunder, peaceful and calm,
shall be shattered apart by evils arms,
The light, the fire, the snow, the sea,
the land of nature, And darkness with thee,
A hero of blonde with brother of brown,
shall fall from the sky, upon to the ground,
And save our world from endless sleep,
To cause all evil to hide and weep

The crystal box closed, and instantly, the whole crowd went into a huge uproar of panic and fear.
'Please, everyone, CALM DOWN!' Shouted Blazespark.
'Calm down? Lady Blazespark, how can we be calm, when the box predicted certain doom for us all. It said nothing of our crops, or wellbeing, what about those?' Cried a man amongst the terrified citizens.
'We shall simply have to hope for the best. Should the box re-open, though that is highly unlikely, my sisters and I shall inform all regions of Wunderlande. So please, CALM DOWN!' Shouted Ariadne, peacefuly.
'Ariadne, sister, dear Flavius has a point. What shall we do? All the crops and plants, the box didn't predict anything for them, unlike usual. What if that should mean all of the trees should die! That would put Grenelda in ruin!'
'Yes, of course, Sproutsia, that may be true. But the box would have predicted the trees to die along with Wunderlande shattering. Right now, I'm worried about what would happen to the human world when we shatter… Imagination would become ridiculously vivid…' Ariadne replied. The crowd standing very silent and still were listening to the sisters every word.

'Oh my goodness, ARIADNE!' Fynnesse shouted suddenly, nearly scaring the crowd half to death.
'Fynnesse, what is it?' Ariadne said, agitated.
'The only way to shatter the regions of Wunderlande would be to steal each regions crystal heart from their podium, right?' said Fynnesse curiously.
'Well, yes, but-'
'Well, then, If I'm "wise" enough for this idea, we should station guards at the entrance of each temple of life. That should prevent this disaster from happening!' Fynnesse said, glaring at Ariadne.

'That is... that is...' muttered Sproutsia.
'Goodness... that should be...' Blazespark whispered.
'Why, yes! That is very true! We should put this plan into action, but very quickly,' said Blizzia, looking hopefully over at Ariadne, who had a doubtful look on her face. 'Oh, Please, listen to her this time, Ariadne!' She finished.
'Y-yes, ah, YES! Of course, w-we should!' Stuttered Ariadne.
'Ho-ho! Splendid! I think this is Fynnesse's best plan yet!' Blizzia Chuckled, weakly.
'Ah, yes, then. I shall prepare the guards then, Ariadne? My men are always ready to fight! Oh, yes, it's also nice to see you agreeing with Fynnesse for once,' said Darkensus suddenly, finally emerging from the shadowed corner of the stage.
'Yes, of course, Darkensus. You shall send men out immediately,' Said Ariadne sourly. 'And it's nice to see you out of the shadows,' she added.

Suddenly, six guards burst into the room, breathing rapidly, as though they had just run a marathon.
'MY LADIES! The earth, the ground, it's, well...' one shouted.
'Spit it out!' shouted Darkensus.
'The borders of each region are glowing... we focused our sight on the temples of life, and... And...' he stuttered, as though he was scared to finish.

'Oh no,' cried Ariadne.
'We were too late,' sighed Blizzia
'All the trees, the beauty of our world!' Sobbed Sproutsia
'Perfect. Just perfect. They are attacking the temples!' shouted Blazespark.
'Men, hurry! Fly to the temples, it will take them ages to get through the labyrinths!' Darkensus shouted, while Ariadne was screaming orders to the crowd of panicking families.
'Um, m'ladies?' muttered another guard.
'WHAT!' shouted all of the sisters at once.
'Um, ya see, they've, err... they've alre'dy stol'n the 'earts.'

Flavius threw an old, leather book up into the air, the whole room let out a final terrified scream. There was a huge explosion, and the whole of Wunderlande was engulfed in black.

All the regions of Wunderlande split apart, and scattered