*Disclaimer: This story will eventually have sexual scenes in it. Not sure to what extent yet, but I may go all the way! I am also thinking of there being graphic violence in here somewhere. But you won't know where, and you won't know when. All surprises to come!*

First Contact

Rae picked up the pace as she moved through the narrow passageways in the underground government building. The human species' first contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life! It was truly awe-inspiring. She couldn't help but feel the adrenaline surging through her veins, as excitement became her prevalent emotion. Rae was aware of her reaction to the debriefing only minutes earlier, and took steps to control her mental state. She took pride in being able to look at any situation logically, an asset that had helped her countless times when moving up the ranks in the army. Once Rae looked at the situation from a cooler perspective, she couldn't help but feel unnerved at the way her superiors were handling it. Of course the country would want every advantage when dealing with an alien species, but only one woman for this meeting? She was well versed in her directives, but wouldn't a larger group be more intimidating? What did the government hope to gain from this situation? Rae was confident in the art of self-defense and could handle a gun like no other, but to only have ballistic glass separating the aliens from her was an unnerving idea.

Stopping at the door, Rae took a deep breath. She was prepared to do her job, like she had done countless times before, but this was an unprecedented situation. She was going to be a part of history in the making.

The room was dim with nothing but a single chair and desk in the center. Beyond that, was a reinforced titanium wall. In the center of that wall was a window big enough to fit a small car through, but thankfully five layers of high-grade ballistic glass thick. Rae couldn't help but feel it wasn't enough. As Rae sat uncertainly into the small chair, the rest of the fluorescent lights in the room flickered to life. Leaning forward on the table, Rae prepared herself for what was to come.

Rae had been sitting in the small room for a while now, and nothing seemed to be happening. She looked a little uneasily at the window, and then glanced towards one of the cameras in the room. If she was expected to just sit here for another half an hour, there was going to be an issue. She had been under the impression that the alien was open to human interaction, and was well versed in the art of conversation, and that the interview was to be started immediately. Beyond the reinforced window was only darkness, where she expected the being to be. Rae glanced uneasily toward the camera again, hoping for some direction from her superiors. Was she misinformed about something? Not one for inaction, she hesitantly got up and explored the barren room. She was supposed to be interviewing the alien and helping to determining it's impact on the human civilization, but the situation was beginning to seem a bit odd. Perhaps she had gotten the time wrong.

Slowly moving around the room, Rae made her way to the large window, through which she was supposed to be conversing with a sentient being. Only, there didn't seem to be anything on the other end, only a vast black void.

Peering into the depths of that black nothingness, Rae nearly had a heart attack when something hit the window, cracking nearly 5 panes of the strongest glass known to man. Rae cursed as she stumbled back from the shock, effectively falling on her ass. The large glass window began to bow towards her, slowly bubbling out into the room. "Holy shit!" Rae whispered. This interview was not going how she planned.

Alarms started blaring, and still the window seemed to be extending outward. It's progress seemed to halt for a second, but then over the sirens Rae could hear the impact of something hitting the window and cracking it further. Scrambling to the opposite end of the room, Rae stayed low to ground, frozen in shock. Snapping herself together, she had the fortitude to slowly remove her handgun from the holster. With shaking hands, she aimed the gun towards the void beyond the window.

Rae screamed and covered her face to protect it from flying shards as the window suddenly blasted outward. In the flashing lights the alarm produced, Rae could make out the hulking figure of a large humanoid shape. Once again lifting her gun and aiming at the alien life form, her shaking hands pulled the trigger, and did not stop until the entire barrel was empty. Still the form kept progressing towards her, completely unfazed.