The Ballad of Dichter John Count

Dichter is not a prick but he holds his tongue in the fashion of an insultor
He can make parodies out of tragedies but of his own he cannot
Lest he be rational, the words that he would speak would be lying in the middle
But in neutrality no, his way of orating is of murder by ending the start of your dreams

He fell in love once but I won't lie, he fell in love twice
He fell in love with the same belle that now resides north-westward of his own abode
When he came in knowledge of this, oh you should see how he smiles
The corners of his sharpened lips could tear down concrete at the side of a road

He was often a talk, a gossip, that grants his own opposition
Things he could do would account to none for he does not care
Of all the things negative for him shown,
The damn he gives would always account to zero for he does not care

The disposition that he is in now is like a myth
It changes overtime by endless heresies of no honesty
Even so, he could still afford to smile with exposed teeth
Oh, how I wished my heart was not on my sleeve like him

Of low intellect he is, he proclaims
Objection, yelled a comrade in class
Conflicts started like this and always stay the same
But beneath the disputation, his victory of it was still lost like escaping gas

Often praised but never befriended
All of them are sheer hypocrites lying on a valley,
Under the skies, they count jumping sheeps,
Watching Dichter's mistake they do even on their sleep

He is equipped with words but with none to say
Afraid to omit all kinds of utterance said he
When asked again as to why could this misdemeanor be,
All he answers is no more does he want to use his tongue as a guillotine

I will tell you his tale but I bid you not to laugh
Absurd it may be but in the least you should not laugh
Ears and minds to me you should lend,
If you want to hear the song, the ballad of Dichter John Count

Born in a tropical summer in the blistering heat of May,
There he was smiling at the sight of the first dawn of his life
Never knowing that his future would go astray,
As to what it is, I will tell you as this story blurs not in sight

He loved to cry and he loves his mom
He has a brother of goodly traits
The silence that he has today was formed that very day,
The day he was born, when he was still young

He showed great demeanor in school
Classmates and fellow teachers admire him and shares his delight,
To show off, he loves to show off
Though it was not he who planted it, it was the only thing he could sow

So often he bluffs the trivia of his acts
Words he used were baptized with the dishonesty that he holds
He would want to close his eyes but,
All he could think of was baking crusted lies

There it came the biggest tragedy of his life,
He saw his mother in tears bruised by the shards of a broken heart,
His father left them and went with another, oh how fools they came to be,
It taught them love is a song that no one should sing

He learned a stringed instrument favored by his sibling
He wot when he was young this is what he has been dreaming,
Deeming to be true that he shall achieve it,
All day and all night he spends with solitude as he practices and sit

At the midst of his recovery, his wrist was disfigured, pushed out of its joint
It shattered his dreams of achieving perfection but he thought that
Practice makes perfect but nobody is
Only fools believe that but he knows that man is bound to be

He entered highschool at a distance not far from his home
There he found some friends and enemies along
Dislikers were of the greatest number there
But it wouldn't stop him, his heart belonged to the ones who loved him

And there she was, the girl that first ignited his dream
So wondrous clad in glasses that fits her smile,
He fell for her with so much intensity,
Gravity caused him to veil arrogance at his facade's reality

Love ended itself with the reason he didn't know
Maybe love does fade in the event of sorrows
But sad he was not, he was cloaked with the reality he tried to please
What was it? No wonder why he has a face of no emotion

But then that ended quickly; he found another one
A girl who loves the things he loathe,
He fell for her much higher than the cliffs of abroad
He loved her very much, he wrote her songs that she never reads

Though she knew, I'll give you a hint
She has a face carved by archangels of heaven
She does nothing but she falls in the games she does not play,
And that girl goes by the name of Laine

He was so much in love with her
He frets a lot for so often he is not sober
She consumes the biggest part of his mind
And he wonders, will he even be a part of the fragment of her life?

Fond to show off the talents that he possess
Engraved with the fact that she is a girl he could never please
Still he continues hoping she would fall the same way as he
This was his only err, his only false belief

He finds repose in writing
Words he used was never of his own liking
For the only thing he writes is of love and tragedy
His life was a fable and he was a character of antagonistical proportions

He closed his eyes and dreamed of death to come to him
Either this is what he wants or so it seemed
He has a mind of no certainty to speak of
Only a heart that knows not how to grow

All he has will be gone as soon as he goes,
To a place full of spikes and the stench of alluring ignorance
To a place filled with people who dares not to love him
He is armed with bravery that withers in the face of bluffing shame

As to where he is now,
Maybe he is composing a song out of his hatred
Or maybe even about love and the trouble it caused him
Wherever he may be now, I wished to meet him and hope to acquire the wisdom that built his fate's vow