Administering Lucid Remorse

The rain that pours heavily crushes my thoughts
So beautifully, I planned them but in regrets they were soaked
My tears rolled down and stained my cheek,
It could leave a scar for it burns like acid

On the bed I lie and frowned,
The guilt I wore made me cripple with the slightest sound
Unworthy, I refused to stand on solid ground,
My head I hold high, my conscience cursed, facing down

The shame I bought leaves a clenched fist
Madness, shall you call it, is what I kissed
Blue skies sued me forever so it gloomed,
I masked myself to cover my hide from my doom

Left and right my eyes rolled
Flies surround me, my stench grew cold
I woke up just in time I have to see,
Dreadful, absurd and pitiful were my dreams.