When My Dreams Would Crash Ashore

In time when my dreams would crash ashore,
When nights become sleepless to me and everything so unsure,
I will tilt my heart in the angle of your vision
I wish for you to see something so sincere and pure

They see me wander with deafening silence
So they say but know not that I long for your presence
If trees would stop me as they shout and frown,
Believe my love is rooted for you and won't be denounced

As your smile travel at the streets of my mind,
The thoughts that reside in it awake to see such a sight
Light will shine on you like a lovely portrait,
I will stare at you even if my life starts to fade

From the tower in which you sleep,
By the dragon that guard and holds you captive,
I will descend, my love, like a knight on a steed,
These things I'll do for you to believe

Slowly, I'll rise from this dreadful way,
My eyes would wander to see if the moon would stay,
If I'm as hopeless as these words I say,
Believe that I will love you with everything I am.