Falling Leaves (R)

We were introduced as part of a joke. My name was Glenn and her name was Glenna. I was new to the school and some of the kids thought it would be funny to introduce 'Glenn' to 'Glenna'.

For me, it was love at first sight. I thought Glenna was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen and I was tickled to meet her. Because I was new, she was more than willing to befriend me and show me around the school because she was a nice person and she thought it was the right thing to do.

I don't know if any bells went off for her the way they did for me, but I was happy that Glenna was willing to be friends with me and my adjustment to Hillsboro High School was made a lot easier because of her kindness.

Moving to a new town and a new school to begin my junior year in high school was not what I wanted to be doing but my father had gotten a new job and I didn't have much say in the decision. It wasn't as if I was leaving anything all that huge behind. I had dated but nothing serious and I was single at the time of the move. I had a handful of friends and acquaintances but no 'blood brother' that made leaving traumatic or particularly difficult.

But I was familiar with my former house and my home town and while change could be new and exciting, it could also be challenging and awkward. Luckily, I liked Hillsboro, a quaint small town with a neat diner called Johnny C's and a terrific old baseball park that featured amateur baseball in the summer.

Glenna was a Godsend during my first few weeks at Hillsboro. Not only did she show me around the school, introduce me to her friends and teachers, and show me the ropes, but she also gave me a tour of the area, showing me all the hangouts and cool places and things to know.

Because we spent so much time together in those beginning weeks, it was only natural that Glenna and I became ever friendlier. She told me that she had boyfriends before (how could she not being so pretty and popular!?) but that she wasn't with anybody now. I guess we officially started dating on the first day of autumn, three weeks into the new school year and that's when Glenna Morrissey officially became my first true love.

We hit it off from the start as a couple, quickly meshing and bonding and becoming comfortable with each other. Glenna was a nice person from a nice family and she lived in nice house. Her family was very accepting and welcoming of me when I started coming to the house and I felt like I was a part of the family from the start. My parents were equally as receptive to having Glenna at our home and Glenna quickly fit right in with us too.

Even after all these years, whenever summer fades into autumn I think of Glenna and that first fall when I moved to Hillsboro. When I smell the falling leaves of the season, I think of the way Glenna's hair smelled on those sunny afternoons.

I will always remember one particular autumn afternoon with special fondness above all others. It was one of those glorious fall afternoons in New England. We had driven up to Mt. Griffin to take a look at the lovely foliage as the leaves turned colors. We could smell the scent of the season in the air – the rustic leave smell that clears your nostrils and makes you feel one with nature.

We walked along a trail holding hands and talking about how great it was to be together. We came upon a deserted picnic area used in the summer and we sat on the picnic table and made out. She smelled of apple cider and it was one of those perfect moments, just me and Glenna alone in the woods with the falling leaves. It was the most romantic moment of my young life and I knew I had never been as serious about or thunderstruck by any girl as I was with Glenna.

Glenna was a pretty girl and I wasn't quite sure why I deserved her attention and her kisses. Her hair was auburn and long. She had a shy smile and deep dancing eyes and the perfect laugh too. She was the perfect person, the picturesque woods was the perfect place and the perfect time in the perfect season and we were in a world by ourselves as the breeze fanned the falling leaves, some of which fell into our laps.

I remember running my hands over the soft skin of her face and when she directed my hand down her body and underneath her sweater, the feeling of erotic love overwhelmed me. She helped me raise my hand up under the sweater until I found her soft bra covered breasts for the first time. Glenna smiled like I was the only person in the world. I had never gone that far with a girl before but something told me that this was meant to be.

"Are you sure?" I asked tentatively.

"Glenn, you're the guy for me," Glenna pronounced. "I knew it the moment we met!"

"Me too!" I exclaimed with excitement.

Her bra somehow unsnapped and dropped out from underneath her sweater. We kept kissing and I remember how it felt when she put her tongue in my mouth as we cuddled and hugged and touched. Everything was perfect. I remember how she smiled before she pulled the sweater off over her head to reveal her lovely bare creamy white breasts to me for the first time. She took my hand and placed it on one of her breasts and I wanted to melt right into her.

"Glenna, you are so perfect," I sighed.

I cupped her breast and felt her nipple rubbing against my sweating palm. I leaned in and kissed her erect nipple and she put her hands on both sides of my face and held me there as I tongued her nipple and then I took it into my mouth.

"Oh," she said softly.

I felt her fingers rubbing through my hair and I bravely dropped my hands down to her legs, rubbing her thighs affectionately while staring into her lovely wide eyes. She fell back on the table so she was lying down and I watched as she unsnapped her skirt top and opened it aside, revealing yellow panties underneath.

"I've never done anything like this before," I told her honestly.

"Me either," she assured me. "But I want to with you."

It was the moment I had been waiting all my life for: the perfect girl, the perfect moment, the perfect timing, and the perfect chance.

I stood and unsnapped my jeans, letting them fall to the ground. I kicked off my sneakers and when she nodded her head that it was okay, I pulled down my underwear too. I watched as she looked downward and saw that I was excited. She reached out and placed her hand on my penis and I thought I was going to explode right there and then.

"It's okay," she said calmly as she looked up into my eyes.

Her bare breasts were rising up and down with each of her anticipating breaths.

"I know," I said breathlessly. "This is perfect."

Her hand released my penis and she put both her hands on the waist band of her panties and she slid them down her legs, revealing herself to me. Her pubic hair matched the hair on her head and I stared at her womanhood with fascination.

"This is your first time?" She guessed.

I nodded in embarrassment.

"Me too," she whispered.

She put her hand back around my penis and tugged me forward. I knelt onto the picnic table and I touched her down there, feeling with one finger her outer entrance. She closed her eyes and smiled and I continued to explore that area with my finger while I rubbed my other hand along her breasts while looking into her eyes. She was staring back at me now with wide eyed approval and lust as she gently stroked me.

"Go ahead," she whispered almost desperately.

So I did. I lay on top of her and kissed her and tasted her wonderful breasts and I remember the sound (and smell) of the rustling leaves as I entered her. Some of the falling leaves even landed on us.

Glenna's sweater was underneath her rear as we humped in rhythm after her hand had directed me inside. She wrapped her legs around me and I felt her warmth as she cried out when her hymen broke and there was a bit of blood on the table.

I heard her moaning and I listened to myself panting. Her feet were pressing against my ass as she helped force me into her harder. I kissed her and we held onto each other when I released myself before she was ready even though I tried not to.

"I'm sorry," I cried when I realized I had left her behind.

"It's okay," she whispered.

I started to go soft and slip out of her but she grabbed me with her hand and rubbed me hard again as if she had brought me back from the dead. She helped me back into her and her legs scissored me tightly against her, her eyes tightly closed as I rammed her, hoping I could bring her to climax this time. I could hear the picnic table squeaking and creaking beneath us and her panting and breathing was increasing with her moans and suddenly she was screaming out with pleasure as her eyes watered and her ass pounded against the top of the table. I remember a falling leaf had landed on her forehead but we were too occupied to care.

I remember it was cool in the late afternoon air and my ass had goose bumps on its cheeks from the breeze of the wind but I was sweaty and so was she from the physical sex and I felt exhausted as I lay on top of her trying to collect myself and my senses because my head was spinning.

"I love you," I whispered as I kissed her.

"I love you too," she smiled happily.

We held each other for a long time and it was perfectly wonderful. I finally went limp and I felt myself slip out of her. She pushed me back so I was standing now and she sat up and licked my penis as if she was a mother bear cleaning her cub. She looked up and smiled at me and I kissed her on the nose as I peeled the leaf off her forehead.

She stood and turned to find her clothes and I rubbed myself against her smooth and tight butt cheeks. She murmured with approval as I kissed her neck and wrapped my arms around her from behind to squeeze her breasts again.

"I love you," I repeated.

"I love you too," she sang.


I was in love with Glenna Morrissey. She was my first love and my only love. That autumn day on the picnic table with the falling leaves was the best day of my life and I relived it over and over in my mind whenever I saw her.

We were the perfectly happy couple through the rest of the season and I was looking forward to a wonderful Christmas with Glenna. She mentioned in passing that her brother was coming home on Leave from the Navy for the holidays and that he was bringing his buddy with him.

I didn't think much about it. I even met the guy the day school got out for Christmas break. He was in his dress blues and he looked pretty sharp. I didn't see a whole lot of Glenna during the holiday break. At first I figured she was busy with her brother being home and family obligations and all that but whenever I called she either wasn't around or didn't have time to get together with me. I felt a little hurt by her lack of attention and interest, picturing us enjoying a romantic Christmas together.

Glenna did invite me to her house on Christmas Eve which was nice but she seemed to be giddy by the presence of her Sailor brother and his Navy pal, Larry. I tried to be understanding although I couldn't help but feel ignored and definitely like a third wheel.

Glenna and I were supposed to go out for a romantic New Year's Eve Dinner but we ended up going with her family and Larry, of course, and I was beginning to get bad vibes about this guy as far as how he was relating to Glenna who seemed to be smitten by the guy. I didn't say anything, knowing that he'd be gone in a few days.

When Glenna came back to school after the break, I knew there was a problem. She barely touched me, she couldn't look me in the eye, and she was obviously avoiding me. After a few days of uncomfortable awkwardness, I finally confronted her in the parking lot after school.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"Home," she replied, avoiding my eyes.

"Don't you want to hang out?" I asked, trying not to feel slighted.

"I can't, Glenn," she sighed.

"Why not?"

"Glenn," she said, her eyes weltering up with tears. "I think we need to break up."

I remember it was a cold winter's day. The sky was gray and the wind was blowing briskly from the north and her words sent ice chills down my spine.


"It's over between us," she announced with a detachment I had never heard in her voice before.

I was stunned and heartbroken. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm with Larry now," she told me, looking at the snow covered parking lot by her feet instead of at me. "I fell for him."

"What are you talking about?" I asked, feeling totally sideswiped.

"I slept with Larry," she announced.

I felt like she had just punched me in the stomach.

"You let your brother's Navy friend seduce you?" I asked with disbelief.

"I couldn't help it," she mumbled. "He swept me off my feet."

"You fucked another guy?" I charged.

"Please don't talk like that," she frowned.

"The guy's like twenty-one!" I said with disbelief. "Are you fucking nuts?"

"I cheated on you," she said bluntly. "Larry and I had sex and I want to be with him now."

My whole world came crashing down around me and I was barely able to comprehend what she was telling me.

"He's stationed in New Jersey," I said as if that really meant anything.

"We'll see each other," she said. "He'll come up on weekends and stuff."

"You're a high school junior," I argued.

"Please don't make this harder than it has to be," she said.

"I thought you loved me," I said lamely.

"I did….I do….I will…but, well Larry is in the Navy. He knows so much. He's done so much. He's so interesting and worldly…."

"You just met the guy," I protested.

"He's my boyfriend now," Glenna said forcefully. "I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is."

I wanted to slap her across the face. I never felt such rage and hurt before and the level of anger rising up within scared the hell out of me.

"You're a tramp," was the only thing I could think to say.

Glenna said nothing as she turned and headed for her car.

I don't know how long I stood in that cold and barren parking lot staring after her long after her car was gone. I had been dumped by the perfect girl and I never got over her. She was still the only girl I ever loved or wanted to be with and I became a bitter, angry, anti-social malcontent for the rest of my high school career. I didn't trust girls and I had no interest in any of them. I was still pining for Glenna even though I hated her, hoping that she would come to her senses and return to me but she avoided me at school and refused to carry on a conversation with me when I tried to engage her in any sort of interaction.

I became frustrated and I was deeply hurt. One day, I saw her standing in the hallway with her friends and once again I snapped as I was overwhelmed by out of control emotions.

"You're a cock sucking whore," I told her, loud enough for everybody to hear.

I had never been so cruel, mean or vulgar before but I couldn't handle the betrayal or rejection and on that day, at that moment, I really hated Glenna Morrissey even as I loved her.

Glenna became pregnant early senior year. She dropped out of school and got her GED and eventually she moved to be with Larry and I suffered through the rest of senior year alone and heartbroken. I never got over her or losing her.

I graduated from Hillsboro High and went off to college, getting a degree and coming back to Hillsboro where I landed a job with a local software company in the Industrial Park. I bought my own place and went through a series of relationships, none of which lasted. I guess I just never recovered from the first and only perfect love of my life.


It was one of those lovely autumn afternoons in New England that made me think of Glenna. You would think that after all these years I would have let her go and moved on but there was something about her that I held onto for some reason even though I heard nothing from her since the day I called her a cock sucking whore in the hallway of Hillsboro High School. If there was one thing in my life I would pay to take back, it would be that moment.

I stopped by one of those road side farm stands in Greenville to grab a few pumpkins for the front porch. There was hot apple cider for sale as I walked among the displays of pumpkins and other autumn products and I sighed aloud at the memory of Glenna's auburn hair that smelled like cider that day when we made love for the first time among the falling leaves.

I glanced up and noticed a woman with her back to me talking with who I guessed was her daughter. The voice was strikingly familiar and when I saw the hair of both the mother and the daughter I knew exactly who it was. The daughter looked to be about thirteen which would make it just about right as it had been nearly fourteen years since I last saw Glenna Morrissey.

Glenna turned and her eye caught me staring at her. I saw her face light up and then a nervous expression crossed her face. Meanwhile, I was feeling dizzy. I had spent so much time hating Glenna for what she had done to us that I never considered how I might feel if I actually saw her again.

Glenna was standing by a cart of pumpkins, holding a couple of small pumpkins in her hands. Her daughter stared at her for a moment and then slowly followed her mother's sight line to see me standing there looking like I had just seen a ghost. Glenna's deep blue eyes were frozen on me and I felt like I had just been sucked into a time warp all the way back to Hillsboro High School, junior year.

"Mom?" The daughter asked. "Who's that?" She gestured toward me.

I took a few awkward steps forward even though my legs felt like cooked spaghetti. I wasn't sure if I should turn and run like a frightened dog, defiantly walk away with my pride, or drop at Glenna's feet and wrap my arms around her legs pleading for forgiveness.

"Chelsea, this is Glenn Andrews, who I knew in high school," Glenna said once I was close enough to them.

'Who I knew in high school'? Was that all I was to her now? Of course, I don't suppose Glenna could say "He was my first fuck" to her thirteen year old daughter.

"Hello," I said politely (if not bravely). "Nice to meet you, Chelsea."

"Yeah, sure," she said, distracted as she glanced off into the distance behind me.

Chelsea looked a lot like her mother, especially the younger version of the Glenna I so fondly remembered. Chelsea wore her hair longer, her wardrobe choice was different and she had on pounds of make up, but her eyes and mouth were the same as her mom's.

"Mom, I think that's Jenna over there by the cider," Chelsea said. "Can I go see?"

"Sure, dear," Glenna replied, watching as her daughter quickly moved off.

That just left the two of us standing there awkwardly looking at each other, Glenn and Glenna together again.

"You haven't changed that much," I offered.

"You either," she said with a friendly smile.

Could I possibly still hate her after seeing that lovely smile again? We looked at each other not sure what to say next so I laughed to acknowledge the uncomfortable situation.

"It's nice to see you," I said.

She gazed at me with an uncertain expression on her face. "I wasn't expecting this," she admitted awkwardly.

"So, you in town for a visit?" I asked.

"No, Chelsea and I moved in with my parents a few months ago," she revealed.

"Oh!?" I reacted with surprise. "Well, welcome home."

"Thanks," she replied. "I'm still not sure what I'm doing here."

"What happened to Larry?" I boldly asked (might as well cut right to the chase).

There was a pregnant pause as Glenna sucked in her breath. "He's career Navy," she said. "It's awfully tough on a marriage in the military. We were having problems, he had another deployment coming up, I wanted Chelsea to have some stability in her life, so I decided to end the marriage and come home. At least now she can go to high school all four years in one place."

I nodded my head in understanding. "Sorry for your troubles," I said.

Glenna didn't look as confident or assured as I remembered her. She was always so breezy and easy flowing without a care in the world but now she looked tired, beaten, and unsure of herself. But she was still as pretty as ever.

"Are you working?" I asked, mostly to keep the conversation going.

"I'm doing twenty-five hours a week in the sandwich section at Fontaine's Family Grocery Store," she said, sounding almost embarrassed. "What about you?"

"Program Manager with Sadler Software," I replied.

"Oh, congratulations," she said, clearly impressed.

I was going to say something else but Glenna started to move off, glancing in the direction Chelsea had gone but I didn't want her to leave. Hardly a day had gone by in the past fourteen years when I hadn't thought about her and now that I was actually seeing her in the flesh I didn't want to let her go so quickly. She was the reason I couldn't commit to any other woman all these years.

"I'm glad you're back!" I called after her.

Glenna stopped and turned to me. "Why?" she asked quietly.

I shrugged, not sure what to say.

"I'm sure you hate me," she said.

"I thought I did," I admitted.

"But you don't?" She asked with surprise.

"I guess its ancient history now," I sighed.

She studied me for a moment. "I guess," she agreed sadly before continuing to walk away but I still couldn't let her go.

"What was the problem with me, Glenna?" I asked, almost desperately as I followed after her.

She stopped and looked at me again. "There was nothing wrong with you, Glenn."

"Wasn't I good enough for you?" I needed to know.

"Of course you were," she sighed sadly. "You were everything to me." She ran her hand through her hair. "You were too good for me as it turned out."

"I doubt that," I said.

"Oh, please don't tell me you still have me up there on some sort of pedestal," she groaned. "You always saw me as some saint who was so perfect."

"I couldn't help it," I admitted.

"Well, as you found out, I'm not," she pointed out. "I was not good to you. I was definitely not a saint that Christmas Larry came home with my brother."

"I forgive you," I whispered.

She looked dumbstruck. "Why would you want to go and do something crazy like that for?"

"Can't you just accept it?"

"No," she answered. "I can't even forgive myself."

"It's ancient history now, Glenna," I reminded her.

She strolled off in the other direction, away from where Chelsea was shooting the breeze with her friend in the farm stand and out toward the farm fields. She wrapped her arms around her chest and stared off into the distance as I approached and stood beside her on the edge of the harvested corn field.

"I can't consider Larry a mistake because I have Chelsea from him," Glenna told me softly. "But my behavior that Christmas was inexcusable. I betrayed you. I hurt you. I ruined us. It didn't take long for me to figure out I made some wrong choices once I began following Larry all over the globe."

"It's ancient history now," I repeated.

"How could you ever trust me again?" She sighed.

"I never got over you," I confessed. "I never thought I'd see you again," I added with honestly. "But now that we're standing here together again, I don't care about anything else."

"I cheated on you."

"You are all I've ever wanted," I told her. "I never stopped loving you."

"Then you are crazy," She determined.

I was quiet for a moment. "I don't care," I finally said.

I saw that there was a tear in Glenna's eye but she quickly wiped her face on her fall jacket sleeve. "You don't honestly think for one second that we could ever go back to what we once had," she sighed.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because we were kids, Glenn," she said forcefully. "As you said, its ancient history now."

"You know, it was on a day like today when we first made love," I told her.

She was silent now, apparently embarrassed by my remark.

"Don't you ever think about that?" I asked.

"Every time I see a leaf fall," she revealed with a sad smile.

It made me feel good to hear her say that but she gave me a stern look.

"You can't possibly believe that we could ever pick up where we left off," she warned.

"I'd like to try," I openly confessed.

"It's been fourteen years, Glenn," she said. "We are different people now."

"I don't care," I replied. "I don't care what happened, what you did, where you've been, what you've done….."

"Isn't that a song?" She interrupted.

"And I thought of you whenever I heard it," I replied.

"You don't make any sense," she said. "You're totally insane."

"Maybe," I replied.

"You're not with anybody?" She asked suspiciously.

"I was waiting for you," I told her.

Her knees literally buckled but she quickly recovered. "You're unbelievable," she grumbled.

I grinned knowingly. "How's your family?"

"Fine," she said, rolling her eyes. "Yours?"

"Okay," I replied. "Still in the same house."

"Mine too."

"So, would you even consider trying again?" I asked bluntly.

Her face was stricken with disbelief and she exhaled sharply. "Why would you ask that?" She sighed painfully.

I gazed out across the field and stuffed my hands in my pockets, feeling defeated.

Glenna turned her head toward me and smiled sadly.

"Maybe we should just be friends," she suggested nervously.

"I already have friends, Glenna," I replied impatiently.

"Well, I've gotta go," she said, turning and walking toward the farm stand. "Chelsea!"

I chased after her and handed her my business card, scribbling my cell number on the back of it. "Think about it," I pleaded.

"It was nice seeing you, Glenn," she said, accepting the card and hastily stuffing it in her coat pocket. "It really was. Thank you for not hating me."

I stopped in my tracks and watched her fetch her daughter and head for the car. I was overcome by emotions, thrilled to see Glenna again but panicked that I wouldn't see her again.

She gave me a look as she drove the car out of the lot and I wanted to cry.


Yes, of course my fantasy was that we would pick right up where we left off. That we would be together and be happy, just like that day on the picnic table on Mt. Griffin with the electric sensation of making love beneath the falling leaves. Seeing Glenna again brought back all the memories and I found myself right back where I was back then: deeply and totally in love with her.

I stopped by Fontaine's a few times hoping I'd catch Glenna behind the sandwich counter but I never seemed to catch her shift. I waited for her to call but as the days went on and the phone didn't ring I began to fear that she really didn't want to see me again or try to pick up the past.

Suddenly, I felt old and worn out. Had I spent fourteen years waiting for a girl who really didn't want me? She looked terrific and I wanted to see her every day. Did she think about me in the same way?

I resisted the urge to stop by her parent's house, fearing that might be a total invasion of her privacy and boundaries but I finally caught her on shift at Fontaine's during lunch one day.

"What are you doing here, Glenn?" Glenna asked with a frown.

"Ordering a sandwich for lunch," I chuckled with amusement.

"I was hoping you decided to move on after our conversation the other day," she said.

"I'll never be able to move on from you, Glenna," I replied.

"Are you really trying to tell me that you waited for me?" She asked with disbelief.

"Yes," I said proudly.

I wanted her to spring across the counter and hug me and kiss me and tell me that she wanted me too.

"I don't believe this," she groaned.

"Why not?" I challenged. "Six inch tuna on wheat, by the way. Tomatoes, lettuce, and just a little mayo."

"I'm not the same girl you once knew, Glenn," Glenna sighed as she went to work on my sandwich order.

All those years of wanting her and waiting for her had led up to this – her making me a tuna sub. I stood there watching her and I realized that she was still everything to me. I knew that would never change. I wanted her. I needed her. I loved her.

I smiled as I watched her making the sandwich. She caught my eye and smiled in return. It felt just like it used to back in the old days.

"Anything else?" She asked as she wrapped the now completed sandwich to go.

"I'll take you too," I joked.

She rolled her eyes and waited.

"A medium coke, please," I said.

She went to the machine and poured the soda into the red and white coca-cola cup.

"Can we go out sometime?" I asked.

"Glenn, why are you doing this?" Glenna sighed.

I smiled and she blushed. "Because I want to."

She handed me the sandwich and the soda. "Well, maybe I don't."

"Is that how you really feel, Glenna?" I asked in all seriousness.

"I have another customer waiting," she replied, gesturing to a woman standing behind me.

"That's okay, I want to hear the answer," the lady said with a friendly smile.

I grinned and stepped aside. "Please call me, Glenna," I pleaded.

She folded her arms across her chest and stared at me.

"Call him," the customer urged.

"What would you like, Ma'm?" Glenna asked with annoyance.

I left the counter area so Glenna could wait on her customer.

I didn't want to be an interference. I didn't want her to think I was a stalker. But I wanted her to know that I was serious about getting back together with her, or at least giving it a shot. Maybe it was just a romantic dream of mine but how would we know if we didn't give it a try?

Another week went by and still no voluntary contact from Glenna which was a disappointment. I sent her flowers at work and one evening I was having dinner at Johnny C's Diner, seated at the counter when I noticed Chelsea come in with a group of her friends. I gave the waitress fifty bucks and told her their dinner was on me.

A few days later, I stopped by Johnny C's to grab a coffee and I saw Chelsea again, this time seated at the counter having a chocolate shake with a friend.

"You should tell your mom to come in here," I remarked as I got my coffee to go.

Johnny C's, of course, was one of Glenna and my favorite hang outs during those precious few months when we were dating. Sure enough, a few days later, I was at the counter again having supper when I felt a presence next to me.

"You really shouldn't be talking to my kid," Glenna said.

"Tonight's special is the meatloaf," I replied.

"Birdy Braft still running this place?" Glenna wondered, glancing around.

"You just missed him," I replied. "Try the meatloaf, it's really good." I gestured to my own plate.

Glenna nodded to the waitress who wrote down the order and left Glenna a glass of water.

"So Chelsea discovered the magic of Johnny C's?" I grinned.

"Doesn't everybody?" Glenna responded.

"Yep," I replied fondly. "I still remember the first time you brought me here."

"That was a long time ago, Glenn," she replied.

And here we are again," I grinned. "Just like old times."

"Hardly," she said.

"Oh, sure it is," I assured her.

"You know," Glenna sighed, looking at me with sadness. "Life just isn't that easy."

"Sure it is," I said cheerfulness. "If you let it."

"We both know it's too late for us," she said.

"I don't know that," I argued, gazing pleadingly at her.

She stared back at me without saying anything.

"Why aren't you willing to give it a try?" I asked with frustration.

She looked at me with a pout. "Because I don't deserve you," she reasoned.

I tried to hold back a smile. "I'm not playing hard-to-get, Glenna," I teased.

"You don't go back to the person who you cheated on," Glenna said.

"Who says?" I wondered.

"We are of the past, Glenn." She slid her eyes downward.

The waitress brought Glenna the meatloaf special.

"Dig in," I urged. "It's really good."

"I did miss Johnny C's," she admitted.

"I missed you at Johnny C's," I grinned.

She didn't say anything as she ate her meatloaf and I was struck by a pang of sudden emptiness and fear. What if this really wasn't going to work out? Could I survive living in the same town with the only woman I ever loved without having her in my life?

I was done with my supper and I gently slid the plate away while Glenna continued to eat her meal.

"Well?" I asked.

"Well what?" She asked back.

"How is it?"

She smiled. "Very good."

I watched her eat. She looked as young as she did the first day we met and she was even more beautiful. My heart sagged from the memories of our past together.

Glenna sucked in a deep breath knowing I was watching her and she nodded to acknowledge my presence. All I knew was that my eyes were not leaving hers. She glanced at me and I grinned foolishly in return. She ate her food to avoid a response.

I told her a little bit about my job as if we were a couple enjoying a meal together. I updated her on some of the town gossip and what I knew about some of our classmates. She said her mother had kept her apprised of Hillsboro's more notable news over the years and she felt like she had never left sometimes.

"Especially sitting her with you," she mumbled through a mouth full of mashed potatoes.

I laughed with delight. "Isn't it great?"

"It reminds me of everything I lost," She replied sadly.

"Would you like to go with a walk with me on Saturday?" I asked.

"A walk?" She asked with a frown.

"Yeah, get out, get some fresh air, get some exercise, talk a little bit."

She scratched the back of her neck and glanced at me one more time. "Okay," she agreed.

I could have kissed her.

When she was done with her dinner, I walked her to the car. "See you Saturday," I said. "I'll pick you up at noon."

"You sure you want to do this?" Glenna asked. "You can't go back again, Glenn."

"We're not going back," I assured her. "We're moving forward.

She rolled her eyes and climbed into her car. "Goodnight, Glenn."

"Goodnight, Glenna."


It was a warm and sunny November day in New England. Chelsea had gone to a Hillsboro High Football game and I almost wanted to do the same on a day like this one but I figured that wasn't something Glenna would be interested in doing.

Mrs. Morrissey reacted as if she had just seen me the day before instead of fourteen years ago and it felt good that she was so welcoming. Glenna came down the stairs wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and she gave her mom a kiss on the cheek as she went out the door. It felt like we were sixteen again.

"Nice to see you again, Glenn," Mrs. Morrissey said with a warm smile as I left with her daughter.

Of course the idea of taking Glenna back to that picnic table on Mt. Griffin crossed my mind but I thought that might be just a little bit too obvious and forward. We were too old to be screwing on the top of a picnic table anyway!

We ended up walking along the Blue River not far from my childhood home. Glenna told me about the various places she had lived since leaving Hillsboro – Fort Dix, Norfolk Virginia, Mayport Florida, San Diego, California, and most recently Newport Rhode Island and what it was like being a Navy wife and raising a daughter mostly on her own as Larry had been deployed and on special attachment for most of those years.

"I got a sense that his career always came first," Glenna sighed. "I figured if I was going to being raising Chelsea on my own, it might as well be here."

Brushing her hair out of her face, she looked at me as we walked along the trail "What about you?" She asked.

"This is pretty much it," I replied with a smile. "A few unsuccessful love affairs, a good job, supper a couple nights a week at Johnny C's, Sunday dinner with my parents. You didn't miss much with me, Glenna!"

"I missed everything with you," she replied with a sigh.

I took her hand in mine and we continued walking along the trail.

"It's nice to get away," Glenna commented, glancing around at the woods as we walked.

I noticed that the leaves were falling.

"We came here a few times," I reminded her.

"I know," she replied.

She threw a knowing glance at me but then quickly looked away when I tried to return it.

"I kept a snapshot of you in my wallet," she revealed.

"I have every photo of you ever taken," I replied with a smirk.

"No wonder you couldn't keep a relationship going!" She laughed.

"There was only one relationship I was interested in," I responded.

"You know, we were only together for a couple of months but it felt like it was a lot longer than that," Glenna remarked.

"That's because it was special," I told her.

"You shouldn't have waited for me, Glenn," she said. "That was a sacrifice you shouldn't have endured."

"It was worth it," I assured her.

She stopped walking and turned and looked at me. "This is beyond dumb," she said in a resigned tone.

"No it's not," I insisted. "The time I had with you was the best time of my life."

"Maybe I don't deserve that happiness again," she sighed.

"Sure you do," I responded quickly.

I was still holding on to her hand and I squeezed it tightly. I pulled it closer to me and I wrapped my other arm around her waist possessively, my heart glowing happily.

"I must be dreaming," I said, smiling at her.

Glenna gazed at me just as a leaf fell between us from a tree above.

"I want to be with you," I whispered.

"I know," she said sheepishly. "I just don't know if it can work."

"Do you want to keep walking?" I asked.

Glenna smiled sweetly. "I think we're fine here."

With that, she leaned into me and our lips met for the first time in fourteen years. She picked the leaf that had fallen between us off from her chest and handed it to me. I could hear the trees whispering around us as the wind blew through the branches. There was a bed of moss off the trail under a large tree about ten feet away. Glenna took my hand and led me to it, smiling knowingly as the shades of blue in her eyes danced at me.
We sat on the moss and I leaned in to kiss her again, her lips warm and I was thrilled when her tongue searched for mine. I pushed my body against hers and we held each other in a tight embrace. My hands moved over the front of her jeans, lightly pressing against her while my mouth continued to enjoy the taste of her lips. She broke the kiss and smiled mischievously as the leaves continued to drop around us.

"It's just like the first time," she whispered happily.
Glenna began nibbling at my neck, nuzzling her mouth against my skin, smelling my hair and smiling at my every response. Her hands moved under my shirt and she began caressing my stomach and chest. She pressed her groin into mine and I felt myself growing hard against her. I lowered my head and kissed her breast through her sweatshirt which she immediately pulled off. She tossed aside her tee shirt underneath it too and she let me unsnap her bra which fell to the ground.

Her breasts were just as beautiful as I remembered them and I took a nipple into my mouth, biting softly. Glenna raised her hips and allowed me to unsnap her jeans which she effortless pulled down her legs along with her panties, which were light blue this time.

"I want you," I whispered.

"You can have me," she replied as she spread her legs for me and waited as I fought to unsnap my jeans and pull them down. I slid down her body and licked her thighs. She moaned softly as my tongue worked its way up toward her center. Glenna dug her hands into the back of my head and pulled me closer. She leaned back and lifted her hips again and my mouth was suddenly in her, licking and kissing and tasting. I felt her squirm when I licked at her clit, sucking it into my mouth as my fingers pushed inside of her in unison with my tongue. She was rocking against my face while whimpering.

Glenna was pulling at my head harder and I kept working my mouth and my fingers faster as her body throbbed and I brought her to a climax, hearing her moan as she spasmed around my fingers inside of her.

"More," she pleaded out of breath, pulling me up.

I slid my hands under her ass, feeling the soft mass underneath her as she wrapped her legs around me and raised herself higher as I worked my way inside her, soon shoving forward hard, pushing her back.

Glenna screamed out in joy each time I slammed into her. We are rocking against each other and each time I slid in and out of her, a cry escaped her lips so I thrusted harder and she moaned louder.
Suddenly, Glenna started to orgasm without warning, her fingernails buried in my hips pulling me to her. I kept going, not wanting it to end but I couldn't hold back forever as I kept pumping and as I started to climax I felt her coming again too as she continued to moan and jerk around underneath me.

And then it was over. I collapsed onto her and as we lay panting and trying to recover from our fourteen year time out. I notice that the autumn leaves are falling around us and even onto us. Glenna laughed and reached out and caught one of the leaves while others began to collect in her hair.

"I love falling leaves," I smiled, pulling one from her hair.

"I love you," she replied.