Sleep. She hasn't had any since two months ago.

Food. He doesn't bother anymore.

Why would they when life means shit to them? It's not worth it they've thought, not when one is without the other.

They reminisce back to when life was simpler and wasn't plagued with nightmares of work and constant pestering of parents to get a move on with their lives. They remember when everything was just about them. When mornings meant waking up in each other's arms and lazing around before breakfast. When romantic evenings ended up at one another's flat.

Now? Where were they? At the beginnings of different paths. At the end of their crossroad. Their time was up and over with. It was high time they should face their own realities. They've known that whatever this was between them, would not last a long time. They led different lives and this was merely a crossroad for both.

A whispered goodbye here and a kiss farewell there. That's it. The end.

They would meet again though, as destiny had planned. Just not at the same crossroads. At different ones, in a different time. Maybe, just maybe…next time would be different. Maybe next time…they would get their happy ending. Maybe next time…next time seemed like a silver lining.

See you at the crossroads…

"It's over." The wind ruffled through the raven blue hair of her lover.

"Don't let it be…" She whispered. "Don't leave me…not now…not ever…"

"Our little jaunt into dream world has to end. It's time to get back to reality…"

"Then let this be reality." She gestured to the space between them. Just like he had a long time ago…

"Don't be ridiculous." He shook his head. "Whatever happened between us, here, can never be."

"Don't tell me-" She tried to protest.

"We can't have both worlds, mon ange." He whispered the nickname fondly.

"I don't want both. I just want to be a part of yours…" her eyes look defeated.

"You belong in yours…and I belong in mine."

Her silvery blonde tresses whipped behind her as the wind began to pick up. She watched as he turned to leave. Leave the garden, their flat, and her…

"I have a life to live…"

"That wouldn't be what you wanted! You know that as much as I do." She said with great conviction, though her voice shook.

"It would be. I'll be marrying a lady of great stature in my kingdom, have the heir I was promised and of course…rule the land when the time comes…" he didn't know who he was trying to convince.

"Ne pas mettre fin à cette…" Don't end this…

"It has to. No matter what it will end, neither you nor I could stop that. It ends here, right now…I'm leaving and there's nothing you can do…"

"Nothing but wait." She said softly.

He could tell that she was near her breaking point.

"You don't have to. Besides…forever is a long time…"

"Forever might not even be there."

"I don't want to hurt you further."

"You've already murdered me…ma cherie…"She let the word linger upon her lips longer…

He turned to see her smile a smile that made his heart beat so fast he didn't know if it'd stop…but still, he saw the tears glistening in her eyes and a single crystalline drop slid down.

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