"Duisigh! Lilliana, duisigh!" Wake up! Lilliana, wake up! Adrian, the young prince, whispered and shook his sister harshly.

Lilliana rose from her slumber, to see her brother's frantic dark green eyes. It has always perturbed Lilliana and their parents. Lilliana, her mother Aveta and her father, Dagda all had silver-steel eyes. Adrian may have had the features of an Eldar monarch from the blonde hair to the palest of complexions, but his eyes were very different; scary, disturbing…dark.

"Ceard atta cear, dearthair?" What is wrong, brother? Lilliana asked in the same hushed tone as his.

"The Daemons have come to attack Eilean Donan!" Adrian pulled his sister to her feet.

"Cad faoi mhathair? Athair?" What about mother? Father? Lilliana's voice was laced with worry.

"They are alive and fighting. The Fhirinne had spoken, remember? 'Leanbh de line an monarc Eldar agus le leanbh leis an line monarc Deamhan aontu chun foirm an domhan nua, rase nua. Beidh leanbh de chuid an Dorcha agus an Solas aountu i ngra le caith os cionn fola agus bais fiaoil riail an Zapan Medax." A child of the Eldar line and a child of the Daemon line will unite to form a new world, a new race. A child of the Dark and a child of the Light will unite in love to overthrow the age of blood and death under the rule of Zapan Medax.

Both of them knew that the child could mean either of them seeing as they were

Lilliana touched her index and middle finger to her wrist where marking of the Macrae crest was. A bright light enveloped her and her appearance had changed from disheveled to decent. Her blonde hair plaited and her curls resting lightly on her shoulders, and the gold circlet with the sapphire gem embedded in the middle resting on her fair head; her light weight gown a silvery green shimmer.

"We must hurry! Locien, Ciaran and Adenessa are waiting to away with us!" Adrian tugged at her wrist.

The pair of light haired monarchs rushed through the stone corridors; with agile and nimble feet, they were barely heard.

Corridors turned into the open gardens at the back of the castle. Beyond the gates of what was safety, Adrian led her by the rocky shores that met the gently lapping dark waves of the Loch Duich. Locien was standing just a few meters away from them. Lilliana smiled at the sight of her beloved, wanting to run directly to him but stopped herself.

"Locien," her voice was but only the softest whisper carried over to him by the wind.

Locien's messy dark raven-blue hair shone in the light of bright dawn. He turned towards her. Lilliana's smile faded as she noted the blank expression he wore. His eyes were cold and menacing; so unlike the Locien she had come to love.

"Adrian," he nodded to the young prince behind Lilliana.

"Locien, brother, it is time!" Lilliana heard her brother's smile through his words.

Adrian then proceeded to handle her roughly, pushing her down on her knees.

"B-brother?" she questioned.

What was happening? She thought.

"Kneel!" Adrian barked when she showed resistance.

"I-I do not understand! Dearthair, what are you doing?" she asked, her voice shaking softly.

"What should have been done long ago, deirfiur," sister, he sneered the endearment in mockery.

"What are you talking about? Locien, mo ghra?" my love, she looked up at the looming figure of Locien.

Locien wore only two colors: black and dark scarlet red. His eyes were darker than the night itself, alluring, mysterious and dangerous in one promise.

"Would you like to know his true identity, sister?" Adrian had a harsh grip on her hair, pulling it back so he could whisper the words in her ear.

She did not dare respond. Locien brought forth a dagger from mid-air and twisted it about his hands, playing.

"Did you really think we would end up with a happily ever after? Hmm, Lilliana?" Locien's voice was emotionless.

"Wha-What are you saying Locien?" Lilliana knew deep in her heart of hearts that she was going to either walk away unharmed or dead.

"Lilliana, you foolish, imprudent girl! Do you really think the Dark Prince can ever love the Princess of the Eldar? It is the most stupid idea there is!" Locien placed one side of the blade by her jugular, nicking flesh slightly.

"You lie! Adrian! Why do you not help me? We are related by blood!" she pleaded.

"Do you not see, Lilliana?" Adrian laughed, "Locien was sent by the Daemon king himself, and his father, Zapan to assassinate you. Well, win you over with trust and then assassinate you. I was the traitor you spoke of. I was the turn coat who let all the Daemons inside the filthy castle! I was the one who lifted the wards!"

"Wh-why? Why would you do that Adrian? You have everything an Eldar could possibly want, and more! You are royalty, you are powerful! What would drive you to betray us?"

"Do you know who I really am, Lilliana?" Adrian asked; and for a second, Lilliana heard a slight undertone of hope in his voice.

When she did not respond, he laughed once more, "You see? You do not even know who I am Lilliana! I may look Eldar, but I am not! Did you know, our 'father' and 'mother' held the truth of my real heritage? I am the only son of Morgana Le Fay to the Daemon King! But you see, Morgana hated Zapan and so…she left me here with your filthy race!

I grew up to believe I was Eldar. But guess what? I am an Eidolon; gift to the second son of the second son of the second son of Lucifer. A shapeshifter. But what remains will forever be the color of my eyes. A dark green. The color of Morgana's eyes. Do you know where I found all this information? Mother was talking to Deus. That prophetess! And I overheard every single thing. Would you like to know one more thing, sister?"

Lilliana glared at Adrian.

"I would relish your death very much!"

"Why do this? You did not answer that question!" Lilliana yelled.

"Simple. Zapan could offer me so much more than the Celtic Pantheon. Knowledge of my true powers, what is rightfully mine, and acceptance."

"You do not have to do this, Adrian!"

"I have made a pact with the devil. I serve only Zapan. Dium vivere Daemon!" Long live the Daemon, "Kill her, Locien! Do it!"

Lilliana looked at Locien this time. Her eyes bearing into his, pleading to spare her life. He held the obsidian dagger high above her chest.

"I cannot believe you fell for this too easily. The powerful Lilliana, come to die at the hands of someone who she thought loved her."

"S-stop…stop this Locien! Tell me you are only humouring each other! Please tell me you are lying!"

Lilliana did not want to see that ugly sneer on his face but the warm smile she knew she could place there on his lips.

"It is a pity to kill you. Beauty. Youth. I could always take you as a prisoner."

"Locien! Orders were to bring her body to Zapan, not keep her alive!" Adrian snapped.

He poised to strike, to kill the beloved Eldar monarch; but his momentum was cut short when the sound of flapping wings interrupted.

"We must retreat!" Phoenix, the General of the Daemon Army, hurriedly said.

"What has happened?" Adrian asked, standing from where he was crouched.

"A legion from Sperion has arrived. Maioribus. Michael is with them. We would not stand a chance with Gabrielle or Abbadon at least. More than half our army is dead. Others are wounded. We are outnumbered. We must retreat. And I need to guarantee the safety of the only male heirs to the throne."

"Adrian, go with Phoenix! I order you to!" Locien barked.

"No! I need to see this wench die!"

"I will give you the memory of the moment. Reliqui! Leave! Now! Live to fight another day, brother. Live to see the killings of the rest of the Pantheons! Go!"

Adrian hesitated for a brief moment, scowled, and transformed into a being similar to that of Phoenix's form. His wings dark green. Together with the Fallen Angel, they took to the sky and disappeared.

Locien could hear the fighting continue in the distance, and briefly saw fire erupting from the towers. He turned towards Lilliana. Her face was obscured as she bowed her head. Her lithe frame wracked with sobs. He knelt behind her, and holding the dagger tightly, he released her of her bonds. Realizing her freedom, she stood quickly, barely noticing the twinges of pain from the jagged rocks that tried to penetrate her skin. She whirled around to face him.

Gathering the winds at her fingertips, she commanded them to wrap around his neck; choking him. Locien was then lifted from the ground, clawing at the invisible forces that forbade him air.

"Lilliana," his voice was hoarse, "please! I beg of you!"

"You liar! How could you have done that to me? How could you just use me like that?" She screamed, angry tears running down her face.

"It was an inevitable choice, mo ghra. Occiderit vel occidi. Kill or be killed. I am deeply sorry!"

"Do not dare to call me that! After what you have done to me now? Then? What right do you have to keep calling me that?" she sobbed.

Slowly, she let the winds dissipate and let him down. Locien rubbed at his neck before approaching Lilliana with apprehension and caution.

"Was everything a lie?" Lilliana wrapped her arms around herself, she wasn't cold but it felt like ice had replaced her blood, "When you smiled at me? When you told me you loved me? What was I? A tool for revenge? A revenge that was not yours to burden yourself with?!"

"Lilliana, please! I am deeply sorry for what I have done! Listen to me!" Locien took her hand. She flinched but did not draw away. He took it as a good sign.

"Aon. Saoire! Faigh amach o anseo!" No. Leave! Get away from here! Her voice continued to grow in pitch.

"Remember what I told you? I will leave when you ask me to leave. I will stay if you will have me. I meant it. Every word of it! Please Lilliana!"

"And now, I am telling you to leave," she whispered.

She felt her own heart break. She did not want him to leave but knew that if he did not, he would be killed by Dagda, her father, himself. They will take wounded prisoners, but prisoners none the less that could identify him.

"Will you forgive me, mo ghra?"

It tore at her, for him to sound so weak and vulnerable.

"There is nothing to forgive that has not already been forgiven, Locien Medax."

"I bid thee farewell, Lilliana Macrae. One day, when the wars of the Pantheons and the Shadow World have ended, we will see each other once again. I promise thee."

He smiled softly before unfurling his wings. Dark ebony wings, majestic and dangerous took her beloved Dark Prince away from the Eilean Donan.

Lilliana Macrae, heiress to the Celtic throne of the Eldar race, watched with glassy eyes as Locien flew away from her.

"Vivamus et lux coniunget creare mundum pacis. Eldar et in caritate ad daemonem Vincent. Stellae vigilabo super eos." The Dark and Light will create a world of peace. The Eldar and the Daemon will triumph in love. The stars will watch over them.

A story of two lovers from different worlds. Completely different and yet would triumph over evil.