After the onstage applause
the rapid blasting of sweet sick
adrenaline rushing through my blood
I ran through the streets
my plan in action surprising
even my friends

They smiled
they laughed
were just amused to see me
at an all time high
floating far above the clouds
I refused to fall to the ground so soon

It felt good to blinded by the purple, blue, green
streetlights reflecting off the wooden worn floor
to which my feet firmly planted me
to the earth

Remind me of the feeling
stand with me as I lay myself down
building a bridge of words
crossing over to your lives
from my dark one

Remain a friend
trip me over the border of the sidewalk
laugh when I can't keep up with the pace
bring me along to snap a picture
of a hidden part of Iowa State

I am a friend who enjoys the rush
loves to smile
and wants to tell my story
through the fast verbal syllables
of a poem lost