As I walked through the desolate hallways, I tried to clear my mind. Its ok, I soothed. Student passed by me, but I just lowered my head and continued walking. I told myself nothing would happen here, that everyone was safe. I always was too optimistic. Some boys walked up to me, bumping my shoulder. "Sorry." He laughed, and I felt hot. I knew better then to get upset at the idiocy of boys like him, but I couldn't. This boy, Ryan I think, had already tried to put me down. The counselor told me to stay calm in these situations.

"It's alright, Dr. Pip." I said one day, "as long as I don't start seeing blue, nothing should happen." Of course, he had no idea what I was talking about, psychologists never really do. Ryan always taunted me, trying to see my defense. And today, he did.

"Common, girly," he called, "show me whatcha got!" He started laughing again, him and all of his friends.

I turned around, my devilish smile on my face. "Good idea." Blue lines covered a certain area of the hallway, a lovely stretch to get them running. I thought of what to see; a thick jungle? A treacherous mountain path? Even a water scene, but none seemed right. He wanted to see what I had, so I decided to scare him and his obnoxious friends; a fog filled graveyard. The scene laid easily, and I rose above the playing field, to observe and manipulate. Ryan and his friends were looking around worriedly, like something was to come out of the fog. I agreed with their panicked thoughts; something SHOULD come out of the fog. So I created ghosts, which only speak of death. Their whispers were quite frightening, much on the "gnawing of bones". Some of the boys ran off behind them, to find the exit. I released them, but not the boys trying to tough it out.

"Eh, who's der!" Ryan yelled, his voice was trembling. The phantoms of my mind answered his shaken cry.

"A monster, waiting for you." The voice caused me to get chills. "It's coming…coming…"

"Here" A deep voice roared.