Dark Innocence

Shadows fell across the elegant cabin, surrounding it with ghostly shadows and creepy howls, and mysterious footsteps. Nocturnal creatures began their hunts. Nightfall seeped through the woods around the dimly lit abode. As soon as it started, it stopped.

Silence fell on the midnight green forest. The low lights surrounding the house flickered slightly, every once in a while, as if they were trying to say something. Crickets stopped chirping, even though it was the middle of the summer. Even the owls were quiet. It was, as if, time had stopped.

Soon after darkness fell, the shouting started….

A haze of red covered the small room, even the ceiling with its pretty chandelier. Splatters of life splintered the floor. Bodies hung on the walls like grotesque portraits. The deadly silent room seemed to echo with screams of agony from only moments ago. Everything was gone; everyone was dead. Except for a small, frail figure curled up in a corner.

Long, ruby soaked strands of hair hid her fragile face. Claw marks covered her arms like the most horrific tattoos. Her frilly blue dress, once fresh and clean, was shredded and soaked, only a scrap of what it once was. The small girl seemed to be crying and shivering. She seemed to be distraught, after all, who wouldn't be after even glimpsing what she had seen, but looks can be deceiving…

A single police man knocked on the slightly ajar door. He became nervous after seeing the shattered windows and broken glass on the floor. Pulling out his gun, the officer slowly stepped into the broken dwelling. Shards crunched under his feet as he stumbled over something that could have resembled an arm. The man's heart began to beat. He knew he should call back-up but he had to look around. What if the culprit was still here?

The officer walked through the blood splattered entrance and peered around the corner.

"Oh God…."

He felt nauseous. All the bodies! They were mangled and bloody. Screams of pain twisted their faces, showing nothing from their blank clouded eyes, which all seemed to be staring right at him.

"Are you ready to die?"

The police man jerked around at the sound of a little girl's voice. It was disorienting. Her voice seemed so cold, and unfeeling. He looked around and almost didn't see the child, tucked away in the corner of the small room.

He didn't understand why but the man wanted to cringe away from the tiny girl. She was all bloody, although he couldn't tell if it was her blood or someone else's.

"Sweetie, are you alright? I'm here to help."

At that, her head snapped up and the officer almost shrieked. There was a long wound crossing her face. The skin had peeled back and he could see parts or her cheek bone. Her hair, soaked in blood and pieces of flesh, seemed to wrap around her neck and hold her as if in coils. Her eyes, however, were terrifying.

I suppose you could reason that they were blood shot, or that a blood vessel had explode, or some other medical explanation but, in all honesty, the little girls eyes were blood red. Her face was torn to a permanent grimace and sneering look. Her eyes stared at the police officer, as if she knew he was scared.

"You could never help me!"

The small child shouted, and in the blink of an eye, the light bulb above the officer's head exploded and the young one disappeared. The policeman turned this way, and that, searching the room for a sign of the little girl.

He ran outside and looked around the house. It was still dark and the outside lights were still flickering. On and off… On and off… On and Off... It almost reminded, him of a strobe light, except creepier…

He tentatively searched the premises with his small flashlight. He imagined that he heard footsteps one way and turned, but nothing was there. A twig snapped in the other direction, but he saw nothing. The officer took another step and dropped.


He had fallen into a basement, more relating to a dungeon though. The walls were made of stone, and the floor was made of dirt. Small rodents or bugs could be heard scampering across the floor. The officer jumped up at the sound of a small, insane giggle.

"Hello!? Is anybody here!?"

Jerking around, in circles, the man could see a thing. It was pitch black. He had lost his flashlight in the fall. Again! He heard the laugh, but it was behind him.

The sound a something whistling through the air could be heard, right before the officer felt the sting of something slash across his calf, making him fall to his knees. He was having trouble breathing now. His heart rate was speeding up. Searching the darkness, the officer couldn't see a thing. He grabbed for his cell but it wasn't in his pocket any more!

Another slash and a shriek! Something had swiped the back of his neck. The man felt where he had been attacked and could feel the warmth of blood beginning to bubble down and drip onto the dirt floor, hitting with a silent drop. Drip… Drip… Drip… He felt as if his life was going in those quiet thuds. His sight seemed to blur, although he could see nothing to begin with, and then all of a sudden, there she was!

The little girls horrifying face was right in front of him, sneering as if she knew his breaths were getting fewer and fewer. She knew she had hit an artery somewhere. Her frightening eyes glowed with a passion as red as blood, and her mangled features smiled in triumphant glee.

She would be gone before anyone knew she was here. They would search for a murderer but who would ever even think to check on a tiny little girl?

And as she made the final slice into the dying mans chest, and ripped out his heart, her features became childlike again. Her porcelain skin molded back together and her eyes regained a pale blue, but there was still red glint in certain light. Her hair seemed to shed any trace of blood and her dress knit itself back together, and looked brand new. As she bit into the heart, she smiled and a look of child-like joy crossed her face…..

The small girl smiled at the elegant cabin sweetly, as if remembering a happy memory. Then, she silently stepped, barefooted, into the forest. Her long blonde curls bouncing happily behind her.