Chapter Four: Shark Attack Pt. 2

"Oh no you don't!"

There is a loud splash and I watch wide eyed as Sharkboy materializes before me and jumps in front of the attacking shark.

"Scott!" I call, forgetting all else as I rush to the other end of the boat and search the black depths for any sign of him.

"Get back, CeCe!" His head breaks through the surface of the water and he immediately begins pushing the boat while other sharks, his sharks, begin approaching the opposing shoal of sharks.

I gulp. This looks all to much like a replay of the world wars- shark wars. But why are there other sharks opposing Sharkboy's?

They charge at each other, there huge fangs snapping. My eyes snap shut, until there is a sharp cry. A human cry.

Adrenaline shots through my veins as I watch Sharkboy's body slipping under the surface. My first instinct is to scream his name and before I realize what I am doing I am fighting the pooling blood around me as I try to reach him.

My head is a mess. That much I know.

But, as if blessed with some special gene courtesy of my family's obsession, I manage to stay afloat as I maneuver the waves and make my way over to where his head is disappearing.


He doesn't answer. I grab onto his shoulders and attempt to shake him.

Wake up you hard headed moron, I think, clenching my teeth.

Kick. Keep Kicking.

I sling his arm across my neck and wrap a hand around his waist. All I have to do is get to the boat.

With a breath, I try to propel the both of us in the water toward the boat. Instead, I find myself descending.

"Ah!" I gasp, futilely grasping at the water.

I try to reach for his hands through the white current which now submerges me, but instead my hand slides past a slippery, scaly object and as the water settles I see a fin.

Just like that night during the attack Sharkboy had claimed to save me from.

I feel something slip between my legs and I am suddenly hauled upwards. When my head breaks through the surface I greedily suck in the air.

How can Scott hold his breath for so long?

"Scott!" I call, and for the first time I look down and realize my source of transport- a shark.

"Where is Scott?" I ask, before frowning slightly, "I mean Sharkboy… or however you call him!"

My eyebrows furrow even more. Desperation makes us do weird things. I mean, I'd totally need a translator to understand this shark.

But the shark seems to know what it's doing, or at least it's swimming towards what can be nothing but Sharkboy's bare back and fin. As we get nearer, he moves.

But it is not Sharkboy.

Not my Sharkboy. This boy has lighter coloured hair but before I can clearly see his face he dives back into the water.

I feel a nag at my foot and gasp at the close proximity of the shark carrying Sharkboy in its mouth.

With a gulp I yank Scott up, being carfeful not to apply pressure to his wound. A tide of nausea evades me as I take a look at his blood soaked side. I would so fail as a doctor.

I close my eyes and never really know when I drift off to sleep, but when I open my eyes again, it is almost dawn.

My eyes open in horror to see Sharkboy sitting up. I clutch his arm.

"Lie down!"

"What are you doing," he tries struggling with me.

"I said to lie down and let me take care of your wounds!" I hit him harder than I mean to and immediately put a hand to my mouth as I gasp, "I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to. It's just that you're being stubborn- and the wound-"

"It's gone."

"I know but sometimes when you act like that I just wanna hold you and bonk you on the head but-what?" I stare at him unbelievingly. "Did you just say-"

"It's not there." I freeze as he removes the jacket I'd put over him and gawk as I stare at his bare deformity-less skin "Thought you'd know by now. I heal quickly."

I guffaw. "Quickly' is an understatement. That's just freakishly awesome!" I exclaim.

He smirks, "I guess I am."

I shake my head but smile nonetheless. For some reason, I feel as if a great burden is lifted. To care for that kind of wound would've left me scarred for life. And he's doing a good job of that all on his own.

When we reach the shore, I find out that not exactly all of the burden is gone. Apparently his healing mojo doesn't apply to fractured bones.

"I'm fine!" he defends in blind pride, "I don't need your help, really."

"No," I say, "Then you won't mind if I do this!" I kick him on the leg and with a cry he begins to fall, but immediately I grab onto him to steady him. "Here. Just, lean on me. It's okay," I tell him.

It takes alot of hopping, limping and few more reminding jerks but we make it back to the cave.

When I make him comfortable, I collapse next to him, exhausted out of my witts. But I have to many questions on my mind to just let it slide.

"So, uh, are nights like these common?"

"No," is his short reply.

"So, those other sharks, what was their problem?"

"I really don't know, CeCe," He frowns, his face etched deeply in thought, "I mean, you're not all that appetizing."

The smirk on his face tells me that it was just meant to annoy me, and so I punch him in the arm.

"Ow, CeCe! Don't do that to an injured person!"

"Unless that injured person wants to get better he really shouldn't annoy his caretaker. Especially since I'll have to do all the work around here from now on." Realisation dawns. "I'll have to do everything around here from now on?!"

Sharkboy chuckles, "Now I know I'm doomed."

I shoot him a glare. But, what's sad about it, is that it's true.

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The next Chapter is Shark tale (and yes all the chapter titles have the word 'shark' in it. It's going to annoy the crap out of some). In this chapter we see Celsi struggle to become the female counterpart of Sharboy- sharkgirl, and we find out that Sharkboy has told a major lie.