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Chapter Five: Sharktale

Concentrate, Celsi. You can do this, I tell myself.

I take a step forward, my eyes locked on to the wild bird that is my prey. One can only live off fish and fruit for so long and now that Sharkboy doesn't have a say in the matter, it's meat all the way. You know, once I catch the little critter.


The bird squawks loudly as I make a grab for its tail, and at the same time it tries to fly away.

"You're not getting away!" I say, as my other hand grips below its belly.

But the bird has other plans, and it begins pecking fiercely at my fingers. "Hey!" I exclaim, jerking my hand back. I glare at it, and it makes a move to stab at my other hand, but tactfully, I move it in time.

"Ha! Beat you there buddy!" I say in ecstasy, "You-Ow!"

It spreads its white feathers and flaps its wings in my face, before scurrying off into the bushes leaving me deprived of a good meal and covered in its itchy feathers.

I spit out the nasty things and try standing, but my face twists in horror when I do.

There are feathers where feathers shouldn't be.

With a groan, I squirm and try to make myself comfortable. I guess now I report back to Scott. The jerk is going to have a good laugh at this.

But when I do return to the cave, I find him, still in the position that I left him, fast asleep.

What's even worse?

The jerk looks so darn cute in his sleep. Then again, the evil ones always do.

"Yikes!" I exclaim, my eyes wide in alarm as Sharkboy slowly opens his eyes.

"Huh?" He mumbles, still half asleep.

"Unless you want me to wake you up with a good punch, remove your hand from my behind!" I say threateningly, fighting the urge to slam my already clenched fist in his face.

He does so and sits up. "Are you sick too? Why is your face so red?" he asks and touches my tinted cheeks.

I turn away. "I'm fine," I mutter.

"You sure?" He persists, "You've been getting red a lot recently. Maybe it's some kind of disease."

This only makes my blush get deeper.

"Maybe..." he trails off and I look up when I see him move out of the corner of my eye, just to be greeted with a kiss to my cheek.

I shove him away, and look at him with widened eyes.

"I was trying to help!" he defends.

"How?" I exclaim hotly, and he now turns away in frustration.

"People are so weird," he says. I shake my head. I haven't really thought about the need to explain these things to him. Like, for example, how you don't just kiss people for your own amusement. "Or maybe that's just you..."

I give him a quick blow to the head.

"Ow! Cece!-"

"Lesson number one. Do not insult an angry girl." My stomach growls loudly, "Or a hungry girl for that matter."

"Let me guess, nature rejected you?" he asks, now smirking at me. He leans back against the rock that is his pillow and folds his arms behind of his head.

"Hey, it was a tough battle!" I defend, "The bird got angry. And you do not mess with angry birds."

"Oh I know!" He says, "Feathers appear everywhere-"

My eyes widen. He finally gets it! "Yes!"

"…Even where feathers shouldn't be!" he continues and I nod empathetically.


"And they attach themselves to you and tickle you to death!" He finishes, the evident sarcasm in his voice mocking me. "It's hardcore violence!"

"They were itchy," I state in defense.

He gives me a tight lipped smile. What is that supposed to be? Pity?

Even though he's the currently disabled- no, retardation is in his genes- currently physically disadvantaged with his broken leg, I still find myself being the damsel in distress.

"You can call for my sharks. They seem to like you now. And don't worry about any one trying anything, "he says, "Your blood's not all that good!"

I make a swipe at his head again, but this time he dodges. "Don't say that when I jumped into the water after you!"

"And swam," he adds, pleased for some reason.

"And saved your life!" I exclaim. Because, that single act had taken all of my gut. In that moment I'd jumped into the freezing water after him, I'd overcome my phobia of swimming, a new phobia of losing him overwhelming me.

"Hey, I'm a Sharkboy. I would've survived anyway!" He gloats in pride, "You though, you didn't stand a chance alone," he mutters the last bit, and receives a blow in the ribs. "I was joking!" he exclaims, "Did I hit a nerve?"

"Do you want me to hit in the midsection?" I ask.

His hands fly out to obstruct me, "Cece, I'm injured!"

"And apparently, you're still a prideful idiot," I mutter, getting to my feet.

"Where're you going?"


As soon as I'm out of the cave I let loose an exasperated breath.

"I'm a Sharkboy, I would've survived!" I mimic his voice, "You're such a clutz, Cece that you would've been a goner!" I cross my arms over my chest. "Yeah, well, you are a weirdo! Ok? I mean, who has shark fins and freakish ability to heal!"

I frown; this was the mystery that I needed to get out of him- How he ended up the way he was.

I'd found a little pond just a little away from our cave. It's more or less secluded and pretty shallow. At first, I was a little hesitant with my phobia, but now, all I can think is, the bath's been a long time coming.

"Plus the pervert's bed ridden." I mumble.

I get undressed and secure my clothes, then dive into the cool water.

Nothing has ever felt so divine after long day. And as I rub at my muscles I realize how worn I really am. My hair has also been tangled mess, and if Sharkboy had actually been around people, he'd know that what he saw daily was not a girl but a talking scarecrow.

I decide to go for a long swim. I knew I had it in me, I just needed confidence.

I inhale deeply, and disappear under the surface. In a moment, a movement catches my attention.

Stay calm, I order myself, there aren't any dangerous creatures. The sharks don't think you're chow material.

The object moves closer, and as I look I see what or who it is


The one who was supposedly suffering with a broken leg?

My mouth automatically drops in shock before I am reminded of where I am and I put my hand over my mouth as I make a break towards the surface. Something tells me he'll have much more than a broken leg when I'm finished with him.

He appears through the surface, and he stares at me.

I hug my body protectively as my cheeks burn from the massive blush I am now the proud owner of.


The smack I give him throws him off balance and back below the surface of the water.

"Don't look at me!" I exclaim.

He hops back up in a defensive position. "What was that fo-"

"I said turn around pervert!" I yell as my fist again connects with his face. I waste no time in running out of the water and behind the row of bushes where my clothes are. Grabbing my torn t-shirt, I wrap it around me as he mutters something inaudible.

"Jeez…" I exhale deeply and he slowly and cautiously turns around.

"Why were you undressed in the first place?" he asks, rubbing at his cheek.

"Why was I- Why were you swimming?" I shoot back.

This time he averts his gaze and his tone lowers an octave, "I was getting some exercise-"

"You lied to me!" I accuse, shaking my head at him in disgust, "You said your foot was broken! You said-"

"Forget what I said," he mutters, and I glare at him in disbelief.

"Forget?" I raise a brow and on noticing my gaze he turns away, "And why won't you look at me directly?"

"I-" He is interrupted by the loud clasp of thunder that gets me impulsively clutching his arm.

He looks at me this time and I am the one who turns away as I forcefully push away his arm.

"Let's get to the cave."

"No, there's no 'let's!" I say. "You can-" I am interrupted when I feel something slip between my legs and I am hauled upwards. Sharkboy's hand tightens around my legs.

"Hold on!"

"No, put me down!" I exclaim, "I'm angry at- ah!"

He takes off with his inhuman speed back towards the cave, and I am left with no choice but to hang on for dear life.

"I was on my way to the ocean. The storm has already done some damage." I say nothing. "I didn't think it would be a big deal, Cece."

Still, I say nothing.

"Fine then!" He forcefully drops me and I fall hard on my behind onto the stony cave floor. "Let's see how long you can keep this up!"

Nothing. Not a word, so he angrily disappears outside through the planked door of the cave and into the bulleting downpour. Pulling the door closed a little more forcefully than necessary, I sigh.

He has never lied to me. He has always been blatantly truthful; even when it meant insulting me.

There's already a fire built and going, and a few fishes and fruits set out for me.

Like if that can suffice for the major lie, I think. He made me go through hell for nothing!

Battling it out with the bird was almost as scary as the shark wars. Almost.

"Oh great!" I exclaim, taking into mind what I am wearing for the first time. "He made me forget my clothes!"

There was no way I would be staying here so scantily clothed. Not when he was so unpredictable.

I struggle against the force of the wind to open the door, and it eventually swings open, letting in a shower of the hammering rain. The light of day has been obscured by the thick, ominous clouds and the wind is at its fiercest, leading the palms in a crazy, dangerous dance. Then suddenly, a bolt of electricity illuminates to sky, exposing the vengeful waves as they crash ashore. And the thunder sounds, like a great booming drum.

Then again, I'm flexible.

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