A.N. Hope you enjoy! A true poem, but it's not about me.

Italics are Fearless by Taylor Swift.

I'm not even sure I can speak.

It's a gorgeous evening,

But not because of the weather.

Actually, it's threatening to rain again.

But we're going to the football game together anyways.

It's a gorgeous evening because I'm spending it with him.

And I know that sounds sappy,

But I'm okay with that.

This is only the third time I've spent an evening with him.

Or… I guess I could call them dates now.

I'm lucky I've gotten to spend any time with him at all.

I stay really busy, and even though my parents like Drew,

They're pretty strict about who I date and stuff.

They don't even want me kissing him.

But tonight… that one might be pretty hard to follow.

We're walking, hand in hand, up the street, one of the last few quiet ones before we approach the stadium.

I don't know how it gets better than this.

And it hits me more than it already had in the last two weeks.

I love him.

He's an entirely different side of me.

You take my hand and drag me head first,


The first quarter is almost over, the game is fairly dull for the moment.

So he suggests we go buy some popcorn.

I love that idea, of course.

When isn't popcorn good?

But then, I get an idea.

Probably a dangerous one.

As we're in line, three or four people still in front of us,

My face lights up.

I grab his arm and tug him over about six feet, right next to a tree.

In this moment now, capture it remember it.

He asks me what I'm doing,

But I slowly see him figure it out on his own.

I say,

"If I break a rule, will you break it with me?"

"And what's that?"

Boldly, I say, "Kiss me."

He grins.

And he does.

It's a first kiss, it's flawless, really something.

It's fearless.